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title source_site launch_date url domains rating number_of_upvotes number_of_comments reviews_count positive_reviews_count negative_reviews_count neutral_reviews_count customerbase tagline is_free price description makers_comment top_user_comments tags platform_url current_state last_update top_similar_products alternatives_count makers_contact makers_website makers_twitter
Save Email Template Product Hunt 2020-03-12 ["BrowserExtn", "Business", "News", "DeveloperTools"] 4.33 304 18.0 7 7 0 0 Save emails as full-length screenshots or PDFs for free Ever wanted to take a full-length screenshot of an email? Use free Chrome extension to take full-size screenshots of any Gmail email or save emails as PDFs or HTML files. Useful for marketers who want... Ever wanted to take a full-length screenshot of an email? Saving an email theold fashioned way means not getting the whole email with one screenshot, ortaking multiple and combining them. This is time... ["Hey! This extension is super handy! I really was a...", "Those people who write articles with email templat...", "Like it. How about a zap/other way to auto sync th...", "Love this. Nice work, Ihor! Smart solution to a pe...", "It's very comfortable for letters without web vers..."] ["Chrome Extensions", "Email", "Email Newsletters", "Email Marketing", "Marketing"] default 2020-03-12 ["email-template-generator", "templates-for-gmail", "pistachio-email-templates", "gmail-email-templates-by-cloudhq", "dynamic-email-template"] 11 ["", ""] [""] ["shevkoplias"]
AiScan: All QR Code, Scanner & Barcode Reader Google Play Store 2020-02-18 ["Social"] 4.33 1705 4451.0 13625 1705 739 11181 1,000,000+ The FASTEST & SAFEST QR Code & Barcodes Reader, (support all format). TRY IT NOW 1.0 0.0 🏆 AiScan is the extremely Fast and Safety QR Code & Barcodes Reader out there. It is the essential APP for every Android device. Social Contact ScannerLink your friends. You can easily generate the pe... ["This helps me a lot to find out about my KONA it s...", "It's a good app in the sense it is one of the few ...", "This was a huge scam want's, tries, and pretty muc...", "Since I did not try it out I can not say if it's g...", "I never subscribe for this app but then realised i..."] Social Live 09-12-20 ["QR & Barcode Scanner", "QR Code Reader - QR Scanner and Barcode Scanner", "QR code reader & Barcode Scanner (QR Code Scanner)", "QR Code Scanner for Android - WeScan", "QR code scanner for android & Bar-Code,qr-barcode"] 50
English Somali Dictionary Google Play Store 2014-03-17 ["Books"] 4.48 390 1682.0 4071 390 190 3491 500,000+ Both English to Somali and Somali to English Offline Dictionary 1.0 0.0 Somali <> English Dictionary offline and free. You can search both English and Somali words. You can search words directly from "Internet Browser" or other Applications by using Sharing option. In the... ["Ma shaa Allah. This is dictionary is wonderful. I ...", "Because of this app help me very much and it's use...", "It serves me well, though interrupted by sudden Ad...", "It's an excellent dictionary. It helped me a lot t...", "Its good dictionary and helps me more about my Eng..."] Books & Reference Live 29-11-20 ["English Somali Dictionary", "English Persian Dictionary", "Somali qaamuus", "English Persian Dictionary", "English Pashto Dictionary"] 40
PokemonGo Map Product Hunt 2016-08-04 ["WebApp", "Gaming"] 2.94 41 7.0 0 0 0 0 A tool that quickly locates nearby Pokémon on a map PokemonGo Map is a live map to quickly locate Pokemon. Lots of Pokemon map services have had to shut down - just take a look at somerecently shut down #RIP I posted a desktop one the other day: Pokemon GO LiveMap A few are still working - including the ve... ["Web App", "Open Source", "Maps", "Pokemon", "Tech"] no_longer_online 2016-08-04 ["pokecrew", "poke-radar-3", "pokevision", "poke-find", "pokemon-go-live-map"] 10 ["", ""] [""] ["waishda"]
Whatch Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["App", "Entertainment"] 1.19 22 1.0 0 0 0 0 What to watch - the TV and film social network Whatch is a ‘What to Watch’ social media app for TV and Film recommendations. Build your Whatch list from things you and your friends like and recommend, rate and find out where and when to watch, as ... I made the first version of this application a few years back. I was sick ofthe common scenario of having some time to watch something on telly andgetting sucked into a wormhole of endless scrolling t... ["Android", "iPhone", "Movies", "TV"] default 2020-12-16 ["tvshow-time", "60hz-4-0", "affimity", "geobird-for-tv-shows-movies", "movue"] 5 [""] [] []
Jovian Product Hunt 2020-11-27 ["Productivity", "Education", "AInDS"] 5.0 939 83.0 57 57 0 0 Learn Data Science and ML with free hands-on online courses Jovian offers free beginner-friendly practical courses on data science and machine learning. You can watch hands-on video tutorials, build real-world projects, and learn together with a worldwide comm... Thanks for hunting us @kevin! Hi Hunters, Jovian is the platform@siddhantujjain and I wished we had access to when we started learning datascience & ML. After building in beta for almost two years, we... ["In short, I love this platform. This platform has ...", "In Jovian I really find the best platform for star...", "Jovian platform is so good that when I first check...", "I've been following Jovian for some months now. I'...", "The best part of the Jovian platform was that it h..."] ["Education", "Developer Tools", "Artificial Intelligence"] default 2020-11-27 ["amazon-machine-learning", "machine-learning-2", "apple-machine-learning-journal", "ml-dictionary-2"] 4 ["", "", ""] ["", "", ""] ["kevinwdavid", "aakashns", "siddhantujjain"]
Chirix Google Play Store 2017-01-20 ["Business"] 4.93 0 8.0 15 0 0 15 100+ Business Solutions 1.0 0.0 Chirix One application for all business processes.Connect to and access the full functionality of Chirix from anywhere, on any device, using the Chirix client mobile app.• Manage your business on the ... ["Very useful app for the chirix suite customers. Fa...", "End to End business application", "Your business app on your hand", "Your business in finger tip", "Advanced software"] Business Live 21-11-20 ["Everest Hardware", "Mobile4ERP", "Retail Training", "IncoPOS - Point of Sale", "Nintex Mobile"] 15
Zero Percent Product Hunt 2019-09-20 ["Social", "HealthnSports"] 4.48 269 47.0 4 4 0 0 Alcohol tracking chatbot & 100 day no drinking challenge 🏆 Join a community of people cutting back on alcohol – track your zero alcohol streak and stay motivated against peer pressure. If you're feeling bold, take the challenge and put down $100 to go 100 day... What's up ProductHunt! I finally managed to release the first version of myno-drinking community app, Zero Percent. Inspired by @justinkan's No DrinksTelegram group and the growing trend of non-drinki... ["Really interesting. A moderate drinker myself, I d...", "Class product @johnny_makes ! Love the fact that i...", "Love this @johnny_makes! I've been trying to Make ...", "awesoooome congrats, love the app! was an honour t...", "Awesome way to keep track of your daily alcohol us..."] ["Health and Fitness", "Messaging", "Bots", "Quantified Self"] default 2019-09-20 ["calories-in-alcohol", "cutback-coach"] 2 [""] [""] ["johnny_makes"]
MoonRun Product Hunt 2020-05-09 ["HealthnSports"] 1.19 1000 7.0 48 39 9 0 Portable cardio trainer for home workout with running apps MoonRun is a highly technological, portable, aerobic trainer that brings you the most immersive total body workout you can get at home. ["Our treadmill has become our main clothes drying r...", "Looks amazing, I ordered the device for my wife", "So its a TRX plus plus !! Looks really cool", "Good to see workout products at this time", "Can it replace the TRX?"] ["Health and Fitness"] default 2020-05-09 ["aaptiv-2", "treaddesk", "peloton-cycle", "classpass-live", "mirror-5"] 10 ["", "", ""] [""] ["kevinwdavid"]
Multi Stopwatch & Timer free Google Play Store 2013-12-27 ["Productivity"] 4.53 268 1591.0 3893 268 169 3456 100,000+ Allows you to launch multiple stopwatches and timers at the same time ! 1.0 0.0 "Multi Stopwatch and Timer" is multi functional stopwatch & timer application which allows you to launch multiple stopwatches and timers at the same time.Characteristic●Easy to use.●User friendly and... ["I LOVE this app! The customization features - diff...", "This is a great timer. Not only did it perform fu...", "Couldn't even open the actual App itself because a...", "Just like I wanted We can set up multiple stopwatc...", "Yes this is the best multi timer I've come across ..."] Productivity Live 22-09-19 ["multi-stopwatch", "Multi Timer Free", "Multi Stopwatch and Timer Pro", "Talk! Stopwatch & Timer for Free", "Multi Timer and Stopwatch Free"] 50
Amorette - Free Romance Books Google Play Store 2020-05-18 ["Books"] 3.76 43 96.0 173 43 19 111 10,000+ Free romance books in English, romance novels with free chapters every day 1.0 0.0 Be careful, you're at risk of being hooked by the immersive book reading experience!Please welcome Amorette! Amazing free stories about attractive bad boys, charming billionaires, beautiful heroines, ... ["They are truly great books. When you get to read t...", "If there where freedom Writers to give more story ...", "Irritated, having a waiting period between chapter...", "Its a pretty good app it has the music and sound e...", "Way to hard to get points without irl money. Takes..."] Books & Reference Live 17-08-20 ["Wonovel-Read Romantic Fictions", "Famous Love & Romance Novels", "AnyStories -Just One More Chapter", "Love Novel - FREE Novels and Fiction Stories", "NovelBee"] 38
Growrilla Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["App", "Productivity", "Business", "AInDS"] 2.4 19 2.0 1 1 0 0 Count anything and everything Growrilla lets you count anything and everything. Going to the gym between two and four times each week? With Growrilla, you will know how many times you’ve gone in the past weeks, months, and even ye... Growrilla lets you count anything and everything. Most people do not track howmany times theyve done something. Even then, they use notes or other mobileapps that are not built for it. Growrilla solve... ["Let's grow with Growrilla! I was using Habitify be..."] ["iPhone", "iPad", "Productivity", "Analytics"] default 2020-12-16 ["habit-list", "miles", "habit-3", "habbit-2"] 4 [""] [""] ["hoyelam"]
Lok - Secure and Uncensored Google Play Store 2019-12-26 ["Social"] 5.0 0 5.0 8 0 0 8 100+ The cleanest social network. 1.0 0.0 Lok empowers you to communicate in a secure, uncensored, and productive way with your most important contacts. Our vision is to address communication needs in the 21st century. Say goodbye to wasting ... ["Great easy chatting interface with features to cre...", "I am using this app for tracking to-dos among fami...", "It is a shame that tech Giants and peeking into ou...", "It's amazing secure and social app", "GREAT APP"] Social Live 21-12-20 ["Viome", "I2P - Donate edition", "DatChat Messenger", "Freedom Lake", "Uncrate"] 17
Melody Engineer Google Play Store 2015-09-27 ["Entertainment"] 4.79 0 9.0 14 0 0 14 100+ Melody Engineer is a melody auto-composition app. It helps composing melodies. 0.0 4.49 Melody Engineer is a melody auto-composition app. It helps composing melodies and accompanying harmony. No matter if you are a professional musician or just music enthusiast it will help you think out... ["If you could please add an undo function. Spent 25...", "It's a cool little app is actually one of the firs...", "This app is great for coming up with little tunes....", "if articulations (dead notes, palm mutes, bends et..."] Music & Audio Live 07-12-20 ["Song Engineer", "Hooktheory I", "Songtive: Compose on Walk", "Wotja Lite: Generative Music", "Chordbot"] 50
Remote Tools 2.0 Product Hunt 2019-07-10 ["Business"] 4.41 586 30.0 13 13 0 0 Discover remote-first products. Learn from remote companies. Remote Tools features top remote-first tech products. You can connect with remote work evangelists, product makers & fellow remote workers. You can also explore the tool stack (Collections) used by su... Hey everyone Firstly, thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! We were humbled bythe response we got for in October, 2018 and took it upon us tobuild a more powerful and nifty platform! Remot... ["This looks like the best platform currently availa...", "It's so great this see this platform live. I like ...", "Hey there - thanks for putting together this resou...", "This is great! We're ~900+ now distributed at InVi...", "Looks great! Will be submitting Taskade 2.0, as a ..."] ["Marketing", "Tech"] default 2019-07-10 ["startup-stash", "marketing-stack", "research-stash", "pretty-awesome-lists", "the-hustle-box"] 26 ["", "", "", ""] ["", ""] ["chrismessina", "hrishiptweets", "KarthikS2206", "suvansh_rt"]
The Launch Checklist Product Hunt 2020-11-25 ["Productivity", "Business"] 4.33 654 68.0 8 7 1 0 Launch like a pro on Product Hunt with 80+ tips (Unofficial) Launching on Product Hunt is a chaotic & tedious experience. 😴 That's why I spend 140 hours to curate 80+ practical tips from expert entrepreneurs and 30+ valuable tools to structure your launch strat... Hey hunters, I'm Jim, a founder with design & code skills who loves launchingproducts here. The backstory behind this product is... Every time I launch onProduct Hunt, I follow specific steps to make ... ["Even if this were all out there for free, it would...", "All the best for your launch Jim. Coming to the pr...", "@draptis this is another sixer man. I appreciate a...", "Hey Jim! Congrats on the launch. I like the icon o...", "Awesome product, loving it so far when preparing o..."] ["Productivity", "Marketing", "Product Hunt"] default 2020-11-25 ["product-hunt-handbook", "the-ultimate-product-hunt-launch-checklist", "product-launch-strategies", "product-launch-planner", "relatively-no-frills-ph-launch-checklist"] 6 [""] [""] ["d__raptis"]
Open Beauty Facts - Scan cosmetics, get informed Google Play Store 2016-06-05 ["HealthnSports"] 3.07 34 42.0 72 34 3 35 10,000+ Let's collect information on cosmetic products from all over the world ! 1.0 0.0 Open Beauty Facts is a cosmetic products database made by everyone, for everyone.You can use it to make better cosmetic choices, and as it is open data, anyone can re-use it for any purpose.Open Beaut... ["Doesn't work. Database is almost nonexistent and w...", "We need people who actively add data where it is m...", "very poor app with almost empty data base most of ...", "Probably cool if would ever stop loading and open...."] Health & Fitness Live 07-04-18 ["My Food Allergies Scanner", "Food additives", "CosmEthics: Guide to cosmetics", "Open Food Facts - Scan food. Get the Nutriscore", "Scan Eat - Scanner alimentaire pour mieux manger"] 22
Colorus - Color by Number Coloring Pages Google Play Store 2018-06-20 ["Entertainment"] 4.26 24 66.0 165 24 8 133 10,000+ Color by number with the best pixel puzzle game 1.0 0.0 Colorus is the most popular coloring game among kids and adult!If you like painting and coloring, Colorus is the best app for you!Try this amazing pixel art game for FREE!Many interesting pixel pages... ["not that good. liked the nice, calming music. but ...", "would be a great app if only for a few things it s...", "Would love to give more but when it has a spot 2 w...", "The only thing missing in this app is the number 2...", "it is the best game I love if because it calms me ..."] Entertainment Live 19-01-19 ["PixelDot - Color by Number Pixel Art", "Pixel Coloring Pages", "Cross Stitch Coloring Mandala", "Color Surreal Mandala - Adult Coloring Book", "Fruits Color by Number - Pixel Paint, Number Draw"] 19
Ramp Reimbursements Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Productivity", "Startup", "Fintech"] 4.72 274 23.0 24 22 2 0 Reimbursements & corporate cards in one. Corporate spend should be on corporate cards, but that's not always the case. Introducing the easiest way to reimburse your employees, alongside your card transactions. Spend less money & save more ti... Hey Product Hunt Im TK, a product manager and designer here at Ramp. We'reexcited to launch Ramp Reimbursements! Expense reports are costly, time-consuming, and the worst part of every month. Thats wh... ["We are completing our full switch from Abacus to R...", "nice work @taekyungkong @geoffrey_charles ! would ...", "Thank god I've been waiting for this for a while. ...", "I have been on the lookout for something like this...", "This is awesome! Congrats on the launch to the tea..."] ["Productivity", "Fintech", "SaaS", "Tech", "Money "] default 2020-12-16 0 ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["nickabouzeid", "thetkkong", "nasserge", "eglyman", "karimatiyeh", "diegozaks"]
Flickseeker Product Hunt 2020-11-26 ["Entertainment"] 4.82 394 26.0 1 0 1 0 Find movies by mood Hey everyone! My dad and I have made a website for finding movies by mood/feeling tags (crowdsourced), to find movies to watch in a new way. We hope you enjoy! Hi! Thanks for checking out Flickseeker. This is really my dad's project,which I helped give a visual polish and show it to the world :) The site workswith a simple crowd-sourced tagging system, which... ["Looks great, especially considering how many times...", "I'm late to the party! But this would be a great w...", "This looks great! It would be awesome if you could...", "Really like how you select multiple dimensions to ...", "Love it, great work! However, looks really close t..."] ["Movies"] default 2020-11-26 ["movieo", "movie-genie-2-0", "popcorn-3", "flyx", "swipe-with-friends"] 7 [""] [] []
Flinkit! Product Hunt 2020-11-25 ["Gaming"] 4.07 1085 17.0 6 6 0 0 Web-hosted team building games for small and large companies Flinkit! provides remote teams with fun and creative cooperation opportunities to enhance teamwork and trust. Teams can compete at the same time as they follow the carefully designed storyline solving... Antal Pinter Cofounder and CEO, Flinkit! Hey there! Im Antal call me Tono -Cofounder and CEO of Flinkit! m Peter, Cofounder and CTO of Flinkit! Onlineteambuilding? Are you serious? What a farfetched i... ["Hi Antal, looks like a real fun activity and I wou...", "Love this idea. I know many people out there are l...", "Great! Embracing reality instead of fighting the i...", "looks great, keen to find out more", "Tried and enjoyed it !!!!!"] ["Adventure Games", "Funny Games", "Games"] default 2020-11-25 ["ludo-2", "dreamteam", "icebreaker-from-range", "icebreakers-2-0", "trivia-for-slack"] 8 ["", "", ""] ["", ""] ["chrismessina"]
The Remote Sales Team Playbook Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["Business"] 4.06 345 13.0 0 0 0 0 A proven blueprint for winning more deals remotely Close is the O.G. of remote sales. Now they've released the definitive playbook. 100+ pages of content including: - Building and managing a remote sales team - Coaching your reps - Tactics and resourc... Hey fellow Product Hunt people, There's been A LOT of good advice on remotework, and even sales specifically been released this year ever since thepandemic uprooted our (work-) lives. So why are we pu... ["Excellent job, everyone! Great product.", "This is awesome. Very much needed!", "I am loving the vision", "Impressive product.", "Awesome job guys!"] ["Sales", "Marketing"] default 2020-12-15 ["the-ultimate-startup-guide-to-sales", "the-only-sales-guide-you-ll-ever-need", "the-2020-startup-sales-playbook", "the-remote-sales-survival-guide", "the-expert-guide-to-remote-sales-calls"] 5 ["", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["hnshah", "Ramin", "dannygreer", "Steli"]
WhatsApp Wallpaper Google Play Store 2011-04-15 ["Productivity"] 4.09 559705 607842.0 3312408 559705 269468 2483235 100,000,000+ Additional wallpapers for WhatsApp 1.0 0.0 Wallpaper package to support WhatsApp MessengerTo use our wallpapers:1) install and launch WhatsApp Messenger2) start a conversation with a friend3) choose Menu > WallPaper > WhatsApp ["I have a same case what other users are facing. Wh...", "Many people say that of we want to apply some wall...", "When you create a group then you can search for di...", "More than Outdated Every once in a while I check w...", "It is awesome !!! We can use these wallpapers in W..."] Personalization Live 25-05-11 ["Sticker Maker for WhatsApp", "Sticker maker", "Wemoji - WhatsApp Sticker Maker", "Sticker Studio - WhatsApp Sticker Maker", "New Stickers For WhatsApp - WAStickerapps Free"] 50
Barnyard Games For Kids Google Play Store 2012-02-10 ["Education"] 3.75 2460 4794.0 10740 2460 1270 7010 1,000,000+ 21 games in one! Fun and educational games for kids! 1.0 0.0 Fun and educational games for toddlers and kids. Ages 18 months and up! Great for preschool and kindergarten aged kids21 games in one! Colorful graphics, animal sound effects, helpful voice narrating... ["Amazing apps! I got this one when my first son was...", "Can't block kids from being able to make purchases...", "Two year old loves it. We haven't paid for full ac...", "Not Toddler Approved. Used to be able to not leave...", "Lovely games and very good customer support. We pa..."] Educational Live 03-11-20 ["Barnyard Games For Kids (School Edition)", "Preschool and Kindergarten 2: Extra Lessons", "Barnyard Puzzles For Kids", "Kids Zoo Game: Educational games for toddlers", "Wildlife & Farm Animals - Game For Kids 2-8 years"] 50
Rehras Sahib With HD Audio Google Play Store 2018-07-23 ["Productivity"] 4.88 0 4.0 8 0 0 8 1,000+ Rehras Sahib is a evening prayer. 1.0 0.0 Rehras Sahib is a evening sikh prayer. Five sikh Gurus contributed to the evening prayer (Rehras Sahib) Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Amar Das Ji, Guru Ram Das Ji, Guru Arjan Dev ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji... ["Volume is less. But allover nice.", "Review this app", "very good", "Good"] Personalization Live 23-07-18 ["Rehras Sahib Path Audio", "Japji Sahib Path Audio", "Sukhmani Sahib - with Audio and Translation"] 3
Offsiter Product Hunt 2019-10-16 ["Productivity", "Social", "Travel"] 2.14 167 13.0 3 3 0 0 Find and book team building activities and company offsites Offsiter is a marketplace of team building activities, company retreats, and corporate wellness experiences. Book activities directly with our partners, or work with our planners to handle everything.... Morning PH, Hunter from Offsiter here Excited to be sharing Offsiter withProduct Hunt today! As part of our launch we have a special offer for theSanta Cruz Music Festival this weekend (details at the... ["This is awesome! As a remote team getting ready fo...", "I am a terrible planner and I'm sure my small team...", "Planning offsites is the last thing you want to do...", "This is a fantastic addition addition to the Santa...", "This is brilliant. Can't wait to use this for our ..."] ["Productivity", "Events", "Travel"] default 2019-10-16 ["officevibe", "awesome-boss", "deed", "zestful", "ludo-2"] 7 [""] [""] ["hunterblock"]
Fps Shooting Strike - Counter Terrorist Game 2019 Google Play Store 2019-10-04 ["Gaming"] 4.41 5949 30769.0 48526 5949 1732 40845 10,000,000+ Counter terrorist shooting in counter terrorist games and fps shooting games 1.0 0.0 Play new gun games with thrilling team death match of fps shooting games and counter terrorist games. Get ready to perform counter terrorist shooting and gun strike, as best counter terrorist shooter ... ["Love game but why a 4stars it gets so laggy in mul...", "That's best app I got some same as freefire but 1 ...", "Fps Shooting Strike is a best Counter Terrorist ga...", "Really amazing game.r love the amazing feature of ...", "Very interested game. Very easy to play. I spend a..."] Adventure Live 09-12-20 ["Counter Terrorist Strike 3D", "Gun Strike: Encounter Shooting Game- Sniper FPS 3D", "Special Ops 2020: Multiplayer Shooting Games 3D", "Fps Robot Shooting Games \u2013 Counter Terrorist Game", "FPS Commando Secret Mission - Free Shooting Games"] 50
Intrix CRM Google Play Store 2016-03-16 ["Business"] 4.13 7 11.0 39 7 1 31 5,000+ Intrix CRM provides you an overview of all your customers. Sell smarter! 1.0 0.0 INTRIX CRM helps you sell smarter. It is easy to use, cloud-based and 100% customizable to fit your sales pipeline and other business processes. If you don’t have an Intrix account yet you can get it ... ["Ena zvezda, sam zato ler moram to uporabljat\ud83d\udc4d", "Unorganized"] Business Live 03-12-20 ["RetailCRM Mobile \u2014 solution for eCom and retail", "SalezShark - CRM Software | Sales Automation App", "vcita CRM for Mobile", "QuickCRM for SuiteCRM/SugarCRM", "Pipeliner CRM"] 50
IELTS Collocations Google Play Store 2018-08-22 ["Education"] 4.39 36 116.0 335 36 6 293 50,000+ IELTS Collocation helps you to figure out how to understand correctly word. 1.0 0.0 ● IELTS Collocation: Learning collocations are highly recommended- Some of the most important vocabulary needed for IELTS writing are collocations. These are essential when expanding your vocabulary. ... ["One of the best English collocation dictionary app...", "an extremely amazing app everyone should acquire i...", "The app is really useful, but the advertisements a...", "Some words dont exist in this application like '''...", "Its good app with some words. But when we search w..."] Education Live 17-10-19 ["Collocations - Thesaurus English Offline", "Vocabulary for IELTS - IELTS Full", "Longman 5000 Key Words Offline", "IELTS Vocabulary Booster. IELTS Exam Guide", "UtterMost : IELTS Preparation app"] 50
Xmas Trivia by Springworks Product Hunt 2020-12-11 ["Gaming"] 3.5 178 9.0 5 3 2 0 Bring the holiday spirit to your Slack or MS Teams workspace Bring the holiday spirit to work with Trivia’s Christmas Pack! Host Christmas quizzes right inside your channels in Slack or MS Teams. Spread cheer & bring back nostalgic memories that hold fond place... Hey Product Hunt, are you ready to celebrate Christmas early this year? Triviahas got you covered with Christmas quizzes Bring the holiday spirit to worktoday Right inside Slack & MS Teams Weve carefu... ["I was literally playing the puzzle rounds of trivi...", "Have used for my team for last few months. Very en...", "Very cool, congrats on the launch.", "Hey, this one looks nice!", "Great idea"] ["Puzzle Games", "Free Games", "Games"] default 2020-12-11 ["trivia-for-slack", "trivia-for-google-chat", "slido-for-microsoft-teams"] 3 ["", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["AabhashK", "sandeep_tweeets", "kar2905"]
Spectacle V0 (previously Startup-Videos) Product Hunt 2015-03-18 ["Business", "Entertainment"] 4.77 632 9.0 0 0 0 0 Showcasing the best startup videos Showcasing the best startup videos. Check out the new version: Hello fellow product hunters! I'm Seb, one of the founders of Hope you guys will enjoy the site! We build Startup-Videos.comabout 4 years ago when startups really started using vid... ["I've been looking for something like this! Spent s...", "Interesting idea. The increase in all things start...", "This is so cool, bro!"] ["Video Streaming", "Marketing", "TV", "YouTube", "Tech"] default 2015-03-18 ["sandwich-video", "product-tv", "the-innovation-station", "tech-talks-books", "talks-by-ui-patterns"] 11 ["", "", ""] ["", "", ""] ["bramk", "slhomme", "californyann"]
YaPSNapp Google Play Store 2015-07-02 ["Entertainment"] 3.59 370 749.0 1550 370 270 910 50,000+ Yet Another PlayStation Network Application 1.0 0.0 My PSN (Playstation network) follows me everywhere on Android … Is it worth it to turn on my PS3, PSVita or PS4 if I don't have any of my friends online? Do I still have more trophies than Jeff? How c... ["I don't want to leave a bad review, this app is aw...", "Now PSN has changed, the app doesn't work, and ask...", "App used to work perfectly until 11/3 (Two days ag...", "App is easy to use. Interface is great. I bought p...", "The app is excellent now with all features being o..."] Entertainment Live 05-11-20 ["PS Trophies", "PlayStation\u2122Video", "PSPlay: Unlimited PS Remote Play", "GameFly", "DVR Hub for Xbox"] 32
Building Blocks Product Hunt 2020-12-13 ["Productivity", "Education"] 1.19 16 5.0 1 1 0 0 All-in-one teaching software: plan, assess, monitor & report Building Blocks is a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning that allows schools to plan, monitor, assess and report on their curriculum offering in line with the philosophy of leading education... Hunted this product as it seems remote portals are more relevant than ever,and the philosophy behind it means it's not just another online notetaker/planner. Seems like a genuine tool to save time for... ["This looks great for remote teachers - it's incred...", "This product looks amazing for teachers in the UK!..."] ["Productivity", "Education"] default 2020-12-13 0 [""] [] []
The Ugly Duckling (FREE) Google Play Store 2015-08-21 ["Entertainment"] 4.23 23 55.0 213 23 17 173 50,000+ An educational apps that let's children read, listen to animated fairy tales. 1.0 0.0 Moving! Jajajajan Series are educational apps that let's children and grownups watch, read, listen, dance and sing along to animated stories and songs from around the world. [Folktale Title]The Ugly D... ["Amazing .game\ud83d\ude0d\ud83d\ude0d\ud83d\ude0d\ud83d\ude0d", "Super"] Entertainment Live 08-06-16 ["Finger Family Rhymes for Kids", "Finger Family Nursery Rhymes and Songs", "Puzzle para ni\u00f1os", "\"Unlimited\" kids anime -Japan", "Baby Shark: Wash Your Hands"] 25
Moontale Google Play Store 2015-10-25 ["Books"] 3.87 13 21.0 52 13 2 37 1,000+ Meet the Moon, adventurous little boy always seeking for new troubles to get in 1.0 0.0 Meet the Moon, adventurous little boy always seeking for new troubles to get in, and his Grandma. Explore the new way of Branko Copic's (famous Serbian writer) magical world of fairytales told in a m... ["Bravo!!! Konacno neka bajka i na nasem jeziku! :))...", "Predivne ilustracije i odlicna zabava za decu!", "ITS ONLY IN SPANISH FREAKING DUMB MOVING ON", "Da ima jos ovakvih aplikacija.", "Super!"] Books & Reference Live 25-10-15 ["American Advanced Learner's Dictionary - Premium", "FCE Academy for B2 First (Advanced Intermediate)", "Cribbage Board", "ExamFX Life & Health Exam Prep", "GoHeels"] 8
Superpeer Channels Product Hunt 2020-11-23 ["Entertainment"] 5.0 1330 91.0 35 34 1 0 Beautiful livestreams with your subscribers We believe the world's leading minds need a new video platform to meet their 1000 true fans and grow their subscribers over time. Superpeer Channels lets your viewers go live with you and speak, comme... Hi Product Hunt! Today is a very exciting day for us at Superpeer -- we raisedanother $8M round of funding, and are announcing Channels and Streams. Now, ontop of the 1:1 calls you know us for, you wi... ["Really cool, but I think to request to access done...", "Congratulations! Great product, clean UI, just wha...", "Seems valuable! I also pretty like the regular Sup...", "Congrats, the journey seems straight forward and h...", "Congrats Team! Love this product and the ambition ..."] ["Video Streaming"] default 2020-11-23 ["facebook-live", "mevo-by-livestream", "peek-9", "eyezon", "loola"] 7 ["", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", "", ""] ["chrismessina", "devrimyasar", "YasarMaria", "ademilter", "fatihacet"]
Quote Shelf Product Hunt 2020-12-14 ["App", "Productivity", "Books"] 1.53 31 3.0 1 1 0 0 Save your quotes and organise your book shelf. - You can always look back at the quotes you love by saving them with ease. - Don't go through the hustle of sharing a quote, after you save one, you can just create an image with it, just the way you... I've built this product because I didn't always had a pen with me whilereading, and I had enough with the cluster of book pages images from mygallery. Hope you like it and it will help you read more a... ["Android", "iPhone", "Productivity", "Books"] default 2020-12-14 ["startup-quotes", "ux-quotes-2", "daily-quotes-newtab", "quotes-4"] 4 [""] [] []
Hebbia Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["BrowserExtn", "Productivity", "AInDS"] 4.26 315 41.0 21 20 1 0 Find relevant info instantly with AI-powered Ctrl+F Hebbia is a Chrome extension that understands your questions and highlights all relevant info in a webpage. ⠀ Find exactly what you need with just 1 question, powered by cutting-edge AI. ⠀ 👉 Try it ..... Hey Product Hunt! Im George, the Founder and CEO of Hebbia. On behalf of ouramazing team (@jakkap, @robert_koniuta, @prabhat_agarwal, @vikul_gupta, and@mikachu), Im excited to share the next evolution... ["This amazing product has truly transformed how I p...", "Amazing!! Its already saving me so much time and i...", "Really awesome product I use it everyday for work,...", "Hebbias already changed the way I look for informa...", "Can't believe a chrome extension can be this power..."] ["Chrome Extensions", "Productivity", "Artificial Intelligence"] default 2020-12-16 0 ["", "", "", "", ""] ["", ""] ["benln", "gsivulka"]
FunnelFox Product Hunt 2016-09-13 ["Business", "AInDS", "DeveloperTools"] 4.35 165 19.0 1 1 0 0 All Your Sales Data in One Place ✔ Integrate your sales stack to eliminate data silos ✔ Automate data entry to increase capacity by 15% ✔ Create one point of truth for better decisions Hi guys, Im the CEO and founder of Thrive for Email. We have created Thrive toautomate administrative work for sales employees so you can focus on sellingagain. The first topic we tackle is follow up ... ["I'm a paying customer - helped me to get sanity ba...", "Thrive looks awesome, gonna recommend it to our sa...", "Cool, good luck guys! Just one thing, is there any...", "How is this different to other follow up tools in ...", "Awesome product! Is it also possible to send email..."] ["Email", "Sales", "Artificial Intelligence", "Tech"] default 2016-09-13 ["amplemarket", "propeller-2", "conversica", "mila-3", "myfeedata"] 6 ["", ""] [""] ["__tosh", "VinceGTD"]
Bookcademy Product Hunt 2019-09-15 ["Productivity", "Books", "Education"] 4.76 565 47.0 15 14 1 0 Book summaries as fun, useful & practical courses Books are no longer theoretical knowledge. We turn non-fiction books into a fun, useful and practical way to learn. Each book is a course! Hello Hunters! Its not about how many books you read per year, its about howmany of them you put into practice! This is only for serious readers that notjust read a book instead study the book! Each n... ["This could be huge. Fantastic idea - I could see i...", "Really a nice idea guys, congrats. By the way, it ...", "@daniel_moralesp Looks like you're building an ide...", "As someone who loves books and learning but has al...", "@daniel_moralesp Congrats, It is an amazing concep..."] ["Productivity", "Education", "Books"] default 2019-09-15 ["blinkist", "instaread", "hardbound-2-0", "hardbound-3-0", "postepic-2-0"] 17 [""] [""] ["daniel_moralesp"]
StoryToys Rapunzel Google Play Store 2012-11-19 ["Books"] 4.45 12 87.0 221 12 6 203 10,000+ Enjoy the classic fairy tale in this magical interactive experience! 0.0 1.99 Love Rapunzel? Check out Disney Coloring World, also from StoryToys, for even more fun with Rapunzel and friends. 👑 ✨ Download it free at Based on the classic Grimm’... ["My toddler loves this. But it crashes a lot. Every...", "Love it. Every story from StoryToy are perfect fo...", "Great fun, my daughter enjoys this interactive sto...", "Cooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", "My daughter loves this!"] Books & Reference Live 04-10-19 ["StoryToys Thumbelina", "StoryToys Red Riding Hood", "StoryToys Sleeping Beauty", "StoryToys Snow White", "My First Words"] 50
Pango Kumo Weather Google Play Store 2018-11-21 ["Gaming"] 4.6 2 7.0 20 2 0 18 1,000+ PLAY with the Weather 0.0 2.99 Become Kumo: a small cloud from Pango's world.Use your powers of water and fire.Everything is grey and sad.But with Kumo's magic you can bring life and colour back to Pango's World!Use a little RAIN t... ["Disappointing. You can't drag the cloud which is t...", "Pink and white hair will be fine", "Fun Game!"] Adventure Live 19-03-19 ["Pango Christmas", "Pango Musical March", "Pango Imaginary Car", "Pango and friends", "Pango Pirate - Adventure Game for kids"] 50
Freshdesk Google Play Store 2013-12-20 ["Business"] 4.51 292 1718.0 4599 292 224 4083 100,000+ Streamline your support and make customers happy 1.0 0.0 Deliver exceptional customer support on the go. Unchain yourself from your helpdesk and make your customers happy with the Freshdesk Android app. Streamline customer queries from multiple channels and... ["this app is terrible but shouldn't be too surprise...", "Pretty much level of things about it lets me do my...", "It would be nice if browser version had an added \"...", "Since updating I can no longer login. Contacted su...", "Love this app. Best free helpdesk app I've dealt w..."] Business Live 17-12-20 ["Freshservice", "IT HelpDesk - ServiceDesk Plus", "Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales CRM)", "Intelex Mobile", "ServiceDesk Plus SaaS HelpDesk"] 50
The Milestone Referral by Viral Loops Product Hunt 2017-05-31 ["Commerce", "Business", "Startup"] 4.48 621 50.0 3 3 0 0 Community & email list building with company swag 🎁 The Milestone Referral by Viral Loops is a referral marketing template to help you get early product adopters & increase sign ups and email subscribers. Hi everyone! After launching Viral Loops for Startups a few months and gotmore than 1000 upvotes , we're now launching a new Viral Loops template tohelp companies gamify their referral program with co... ["Love how Viral Loops keep on developing new referr...", "Looks like an excellent service, the concept is we...", "Great work @savvaszortikis! Integrations with plat...", "I'd use it if there wasn't a footer saying 'with <...", "Awesome template @savvaszortikis! I have a B2Small..."] ["Email Marketing", "Marketing", "Growth Hacking", "SaaS", "E-Commerce", "Tech"] default 2017-05-31 ["maitre-viral-referral-waiting-list", "maitre-viral-sweepstakes", "maitre-viral-lead-magnet", "playbooks-from-drift", "viral-growth-calculator"] 17 ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["erictwillis", "dtzortzis42", "zisismaras", "paptom", "tmoulos", "GeoVasiliadis", "SavvasZortikis"]
ActionVoip | Cheap calls to India Google Play Store 2011-05-10 ["Social"] 3.7 798 808.0 3455 798 409 2248 100,000+ Make sure you install the ActionVoip app and start saving with those cheap calls 1.0 0.0 Take action now and keep your money where it belongs: in your pocket. Start using the ActionVoip app to make sure you take advantage of the low rates for calls and sms text messages worldwide!You can ... ["I used this app last severel years,, initially its...", "I hav been using ActionVoIP for 10 years. since la...", "It was working well for many years, but recently I...", "First two days, I get very good and stable voice q...", "For the last 2 days any call to India is being sai..."] Social Live 27-10-20 ["HOTVOIP Save on calls", "12Voip save money on phones", "EasyVoip Save on Mobile calls", "Telbo cheap calls to Nigeria", "CallPirates - Cheap calls"] 48
ArcGIS Business Analyst Google Play Store 2015-03-06 ["Business"] 4.2 3 7.0 15 3 0 12 5,000+ Get demographic and market facts at any location. 1.0 0.0 ArcGIS Business Analyst provides location-based intelligence for market planning, site selection, and customer segmentation. With this mobile app, you can: Evaluate sites, trade areas, or neighborhoo... ["It is a very useful and handy app which tells abou...", "This version is fast on my note5! Nice interface, ...", "thus is stupid you can't even sign up through the ...", "How can I use an app that I have to login on,but i...", "As expected, it's just as slow and glitchy as the ..."] Business Live 09-12-20 ["ArcGIS Indoors", "ArcGIS AppStudio Player", "ArcGIS QuickCapture", "ArcGIS Collector", "Esri Events"] 50
Camp White Elephant Online Gift Exchange Product Hunt 2020-12-11 ["WebApp", "Gaming"] 1.88 35 4.0 1 1 0 0 All the fun of a White Elephant party, the reality of 2020 White E-lephant works just like the classic game, designed for 2020. Invite coworkers, family and friends to a virtual party. Everyone buys a gift, everyone plays and everyone wins! When the game ends... ["Do you have a catalogue to chose gifts from? How d...", "?makers what a fun idea. Do you offer internationa...", "I love this. Such a smart idea for 2020"] ["Web App", "Games"] default 2020-12-11 ["rando", "elfster-secret-santa", "secret-santa-2", "not-santa-2"] 4 ["", "", "", ""] ["", ""] ["mubashariqbal", "digit", "gblache", "benkaufman"]
Quotes - Motivational, Friendship & Life Quotes Google Play Store 2019-02-11 ["Social"] 4.62 1 12.0 13 1 1 11 100+ Best quotes app for positive vibes. 50000+ Quotes, 50+ Category. 1.0 0.0 Quotes app is the most advanced, yet elegant, and user-friendly quotation app on the market. quotes can help you reach your potential each day. Sure, they’re just words. But they’re positive words. An... ["Quotes application is very nice application. I abs...", "I absolutely love all the categories of Quotes thi...", "Really nice and contented. All sort of quotes I go...", "\"Har Din Khushi se Gujarata hai, Jab aap Apni Kaha...", "Quotes application is very interesting . Design ar..."] Social Live 23-05-19 ["Best Life Quotes Offline - Daily Quotes", "Always Positive - Daily Motivational Quotes", "The Best Life Quotes", "Deep life Inspiring Quotes and Sayings offline", "Daily Motivation Quotes for Self-motivating"] 45
Useful Knots - Tying Guide Google Play Store 2012-12-29 ["Books"] 4.43 387 997.0 5695 387 406 4902 1,000,000+ Some of the best knots you can tie! 1.0 0.0 Useful Knots is a quick reference for a number of most practical knots.There are hundreds or even thousands of knots out there and each has its specific uses. But in everyday situation average person ... ["Presumes some basic knowledge of rope vocabulary t...", "This app is must have for anyone really. I had to ...", "amazing work. full details in each knots. but i fe...", "I dig this app a whole lot. I realize there are pi...", "I downloaded this app to learn about knots and wit..."] Books & Reference Live 22-02-19 ["Useful Knots Pro", "Animated Knots by Grog", "Knots 360 Demo (3D)", "Knots 360 Pro (3D)", "Useful Fishing Knots Pro"] 50
Topia Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["WebApp", "Productivity"] 4.76 787 136.0 50 48 2 0 Video chat in a virtual world Topia is a spatial media platform that combines playful world-building with encrypted video chat. Customize using ready-to-use kits or create your own. Host 500+ in-world for dinners, podcasts, concer... Hi Everyone! Daniel here, co-founder and CEO of Topia. Were excited to share abit about our journey in creating Topia, the spaces were enabling, and wherewe plan to go. **How we got here** We started ... ["Topia more than words can convey. Here's been our ...", "Like a lot of others I started building in Topia f...", "Topia is obvious. And its delightful. Back in Apri...", "Hi, Im John Zdanowski, former CFO of Second Life, ...", "The first time I used Topia was for a virtual memo..."] ["Web App", "Virtual Reality", "Productivity"] default 2020-12-15 ["facebook-spaces", "chudo-virtual-spaces", "midnight-pub", "vpark-hangout-in-digitized-space", "gather-town"] 7 ["", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["sethlouey", "cpsiaki", "tDJ", "dliebeskind"]
Baobub Product Hunt 2020-12-02 ["App", "Gaming", "AInDS"] 1.24 27 1.0 4 4 0 0 Audio games for kids featuring superheroes in the making Baobub is an audio game app assisting parents to interact meaningfully with their child without screen distraction, solely relying on audio games. Enjoy uninterrupted one-to-one time! ["We are stoked to announce that our free app is fin..."] ["Android", "iPhone", "Parenting", "Indie Games", "Free Games", "Kids", "Artificial Intelligence", "Games"] default 2020-12-02 ["little-fun-club", "yogome-summer-adventures", "coda-game", "math-games-for-kids"] 4 [""] [""] ["faiM"]
Abridge Product Hunt 2020-12-13 ["HealthnSports"] 3.86 279 19.0 3 3 0 0 Record your medical conversations and understand them better Abridge records the details of your care and helps you understand your health. What a well-crafted product solving a real problem in healthcare. ["Wouldn't this solve the problem for the opposite s...", "This is such an innovative and unique idea that ad...", "Amazing idea! I wonder why its not available in th...", "This looks really useful, sharing with our whole t...", "Looks good, cant wait to try it out."] ["Health and Fitness", "Medtech"] default 2020-12-13 0 [""] [] ["vanderburgt"]
@Voice Network Library Plugin Google Play Store 2018-05-21 ["Books"] 3.81 34 55.0 133 34 8 91 50,000+ OPDS catalog browser for @Voice Aloud Reader 1.0 0.0 Browse online book catalogs (OPDS libraries), download and open books in @Voice Aloud Reader. Provides also calibre OPDS server support, if calibre server is enabled and running on the local network. ... ["Unlimited calling & texting with a free local phon...", "I downloaded this hoping that it was going to work...", "It only gives you the ability to choose from fixed...", "This is supposed to read articles from the web, bu...", "We Were happy but We made a Complaint and then We ..."] Books & Reference Live 26-09-18 ["@Voice Sync Plugin", "@Voice Premium License", "Speech Central: Voice Reader", "Evie - The eVoice book reader", "TTS Reader - reads aloud books, all books!"] 50
Bejeweled Blitz Google Play Store ["Gaming"] 4.17 16527 22165.0 121988 16527 10517 94944 5,000,000+ Play the world’s #1 puzzle game! Match three gems for 60 sparkly seconds of fun. 1.0 0.0 Enjoy one minute of explosive match-3 fun from PopCap Games! Detonate as many gems as you can, 60 action-packed seconds at a time, in the hit puzzle game played by over 125 million people worldwide. M... ["Haven't played this game in wks/months. Thought ma...", "For far too long this game has not updated!! Most ...", "Love the game but hate the proliferation of pop-up...", "Getting ready to delete this stupid game too many ...", "Great for a break. Kangaroo Ruby level 2 and 3, wh..."] Puzzle Live 18-11-20 ["Bejeweled Stars \u2013 Free Match 3", "Bejeweled Blitz", "Bejeweled Classic", "Jewels Star 2", "Peggle Blast"] 50
Freshchat Google Play Store 2017-09-17 ["Business"] 3.57 83 120.0 278 83 30 165 10,000+ Convert & support on-the-go 1.0 0.0 Freshchat is a modern messaging app for sales and customer engagement teams. A leap from legacy live-chat systems, it brings the continuity and experience of consumer messaging apps to businesses to h... ["One of the biggest missing features is the ability...", "Unimpressed, my team members have constantly strug...", "It will truly be great if there's an option of cho...", "This currently doesn't work. It seems to use the b...", "Many features are missing. Priority team index is ..."] Business Live 24-11-20 ["Freshteam", "talque", "myPBX for Android", "Sentab", "Zulip"] 50
A-Tuner Lite Google Play Store 2016-10-31 ["Entertainment"] 4.29 28 93.0 239 28 16 195 50,000+ Ultra accurate chromatic tuner for all musical performers (Free edition) 1.0 0.0 A-Tuner is a chromatic tuner corresponding to any instruments and boasting the highest level of accuracy among many similar applications.Precise tuning in increments of 0.1 cents is possible with the ... ["Great, accurate tuner. Possibly the best on Play S...", "Please refer to the rotor indicator when turning t...", "I tried many tuner in the playstore but this one i...", "Very accurate tuner app. I am using it for a long ...", "THANK YOU. Super helpful and easy to use. I use th..."] Music & Audio Live 20-11-20 ["A-Tuner", "Tuner - gStrings", "Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner", "Tuner T1", "Strings Tuner - Guitar Ukulele"] 50
Pirsch Analytics (Beta) Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Business", "AInDS"] 2.12 25 7.0 0 0 0 0 Simple, privacy-friendly analytics for developers. Pirsch is a simple, privacy-friendly, open-source alternative to Google Analytics free of cookies. It can easily be integrated into any website or directly into your backend. Hey ProductHunt! We're a two-person team based in Germany and proud toannounce the beta launch of our latest product! Pirsch is a simple, privacy-friendly, open-source web analytics solution free of c... ["Looks promising. People were starting to be aware ...", "Looks good, I will use it for my next project"] ["Analytics"] default 2020-12-16 ["fathom-analytics", "simple-analytics", "66analytics", "friendly-analytics", "plausible-analytics"] 7 ["", ""] [""] ["m5blum"]
The Outbound on iOS Product Hunt 2015-12-23 ["App", "Travel", "HealthnSports"] 4.49 254 10.0 0 0 0 0 Discover the best local outdoor adventures The Outbound on iOS is the best way to find local adventures and activities, wherever you are. Featuring thousands of adventures, stories, and professional quality photos submitted by our community, T... Hey PH community! I'm one of the founders of The Outbound and would love toanswer any/all questions you might have. Stoked to be here. ["@bheiff -- Love the idea. Brainstormed a similar s...", "Would love to know how it is going since the Web l...", "Hit the nail on the head with Shark Valley in Sout..."] ["iPhone", "Health and Fitness", "User Experience", "Travel", "Outdoors", "Tech"] default 2015-12-23 ["hike-io", "alltrails-5-0", "propel-3", "yakki", "swimply"] 8 ["", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["makanikai", "tylerdrake727", "bheiff", "u10int", "kylefrost"]
Ideas Validation Framework 2.0 Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Business"] 2.3 28 1.0 0 0 0 0 A guide on validating business ideas using communities Our team uses Reddit and other communities to validate ideas for the last 2 years. We launched 5 projects, including a "cash cow" Email Verification Add-on and a micro-saas Silent Inbox. This guide is the second edition of the idea validation framework we pre-launched a few months ago on Product Hunt If you keen tolearn this... ["Sales", "Marketing"] default 2020-12-16 ["100-business-ideas", "idea-crunch", "from-signal-to-evidence", "gro", "testing-business-ideas"] 6 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["chrismessina", "ihorstefurak"]
Zoo and Animal Puzzles Google Play Store 2014-04-01 ["Gaming"] 3.82 8 4.0 33 8 6 19 10,000+ 16 animated and interactive zoo puzzles! 1.0 0.0 16 animated and interactive zoo jigsaw puzzles! Beautiful graphics, animations, and unique animal sounds will make this one of your kids favorites. Children can tap the animals to make them dance, jum... ["This game is great for my grandchilden when they c...", "This is an awlfoul game for little kids to play th...", "My kids love it. Very cute!", "Ty"] Puzzle Live 30-10-20 ["Barnyard Puzzles For Kids", "Barnyard Games For Kids (School Edition)", "Barnyard Games For Kids", "The fabulous Animal Playground", "Atlas Mission: #1 Kids Learning Game for Ages 3-7"] 50
Cat® VR Learning Google Play Store 2017-12-03 ["Business"] 4.21 6 15.0 39 6 2 31 10,000+ Interactive VR app for Caterpillar employees / dealers to explore Cat machines. 1.0 0.0 Cat® VR Learning is an interactive app that allows you to explore the key features of Cat machines as if you are standing right next to it. Cat® VR Learning is a multilingual app designed to be used e... ["App is educational and I didn't see any problems o...", "Awesome way to explore the cat equipment any where...", "do forklift driving. i would buy cheap hand held g...", "Nice App - Lots of Bugs.", "Nothing to say"] Business Live 30-07-19 ["Cat\u00ae Inspect", "Cat\u00ae Value Estimating Tool", "CatUsed Inspect", "Dangerous Goods - ADR Lite (ADR 2019)", "Flight Computer Pro"] 50
Friendspire: Stop Searching. Start Finding. Google Play Store 2019-02-21 ["Social"] 4.35 14 72.0 205 14 6 185 10,000+ Friendspire is a simpler way to find and save new favorites. 1.0 0.0 Finding what to watch, read, or eat has become too difficult. So we created Friendspire, a simpler way to find and save new favorites.🔍 Stop searching. Start finding the best movies, TV shows, books,... ["Found this application by random scrolling and boo...", "There are lots of bugs on the App. Even my network...", "The app is great and I like it.I just have few sug...", "App is great but unfortunate you cant sort through...", "I BEG YOU, STOP THE VIBRATIONS. Touching nearly an..."] Social Live 05-12-20 ["Bestest", "Qoorio - Social learning network", "Sabot Community", "Daily Fix Me: Goal Setting, Affirmations & Wisdom", "Refind \u2014 Get a little bit smarter every day"] 50
AirPods Max Product Hunt 2020-12-08 ["Entertainment"] 4.26 500 35.0 15 4 11 0 New over the ear headphones from Apple Apple today announced AirPods Max, innovative wireless headphones that bring the magic of AirPods to an over-ear design with high-fidelity sound. Was waiting for these and love the color options! Will be picking these uponce I can to be honest. ["Let's see: \\- No USB-C charging capability \\- No o...", "I wonder who the honest demographic is... If you'r...", "The design is a copy of the Bowers & Wilkins. As f...", "Is there any point in ProductHunt \"reviews\" on pre...", "I'll stick with my rechargeable, Bluetooth in-ear ..."] ["Music", "Apple"] pre_launch 2020-12-08 ["parrot-zik-3", "airpods-2-0", "the-new-google-pixel-buds", "airpods-pro", "montblanc-mb-01"] 5 [""] [] ["aaronoleary"] Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["HealthnSports"] 1.37 10 1.0 0 0 0 0 Privacy-first period calendar with smart predictions 📅 lets you track your period and makes smart predictions about the future weeks. The female cycle isn't always 28 days long and this app takes this into account. All data stay on y... I made for two reasons: 1\. Most period calendars andperiod tracking apps have a ton of privacy issues [1] and report data to thirdparties such as Google and Facebook. I believe ... ["Health and Fitness", "FemTech"] default 2020-12-16 ["clue", "dot-3", "spot-on-2", "lotus-3", "elawoman"] 7 [""] [""] ["cmaasd"]
Dragit Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["Productivity", "Business", "DeveloperTools"] 3.24 277 27.0 3 3 0 0 Professional drag & drop email builder Professional Drag & Drop Email Builder Say no more to writing and tweaking pure HTML and start building a professional email templates in a breeze. Hey there everyone! We are excited to launch our new product on Product HuntAre you tired of building HTML email templates manually? Check out our newdrag & drop email builder. We have been working fo... ["Are these templates testend in eg Gmail / mobile? ...", "Nice templates. Awesome Just drag and drop Is ther...", "This is pretty cool! Congrats on the amazing solut...", "The templates look amazing, congrats on the launch...", "Do you have any integrations with emailing tools?"] ["Design Tools", "Productivity", "Marketing", "Developer Tools", "Tech"] default 2020-12-15 ["elite-email", "howya", "stripo-email", "websites-by-mailerlite"] 4 ["", ""] [""] []
Papa's Pancakeria To Go! Google Play Store 2018-10-28 ["Gaming"] 4.43 94 310.0 860 94 25 741 10,000+ Serve breakfast on the go in Papa's Pancakeria To Go! 0.0 1.99 -- ABOUT THE GAME --While hunting for your lost pet, you suddenly get a call from Papa Louie with some good news: Your pet was found at Papa's Pancakeria in Maple Mountain, and since your pet likes t... ["Bought this for the nostalgia value and it really ...", "Restore purchases needed listen. I love the flipli...", "You should add some for topping and syrup chocolat...", "I enjoy this quite a lot, it is refined and looks ...", "Different but just as good! the sliding for the to..."] Strategy Live 15-08-19 ["Papa's Wingeria To Go!", "Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!", "Papa's Scooperia To Go!", "Papa's Bakeria To Go!", "Papa's Pastaria To Go!"] 50
Pixar Stickers: Toy Story Google Play Store 2017-08-18 ["Social"] 4.06 3 6.0 18 3 2 13 1,000+ Take your messages to infinity and beyond! 0.0 1.99 Pixar Stickers: Toy StoryTake your messages to infinity and beyond with this new Toy Story stickers pack! It includes beloved characters like Buzz Lightyear, brave commander; Woody, your favorite depu... ["Stickers can't be used for WhatsApp. Unlike other ...", "can not use it for WhatsApp . waste my money.", "Amazing for emoji's cool fun\ud83d\ude0d"] Social Live 26-08-17 ["Disney Stickers: Mickey & Friends", "Shanghai Disney Resort", "Disney Stickers: Princess", "Disney Stickers: Aladdin", "Disney Stickers: Frozen 2"] 33
i-gotU Life Google Play Store 2014-09-09 ["HealthnSports"] 3.83 490 1517.0 2464 490 300 1674 100,000+ Log your life and get fit 1.0 0.0 i-gotU Life works perfectly with Q-Band/Q-Watch, which tracks/records your workout progress and sleep quality in everyday life. While Q-Band/Q-Watch allows you to set different goals to motivate yours... ["So, what you get for the price is decent. The stra...", "Total waste of time app. No matter what you do reg...", "loved the product until this last update. After th...", "Simple to use; and has great features. Great at se...", "Simple app, but gets the job done better than othe..."] Health & Fitness Live 25-11-20 ["RDFit", "READSport(Global)", "Life Time Member App", "LIFE Extend - Complete Health & Wellness Tracker", "Zeroner Health Pro"] 47
Brahmin Matrimony & Matchmaking App by Google Play Store 2018-11-24 ["Social"] 3.53 40 52.0 127 40 10 77 50,000+ With 1L+ profiles, Brahmin Sangam is the matrimonial app for Brahmin Families 1.0 0.0 India’s Most Preferred Matrimony app for Brahmin CommunityWelcome to Brahmin Sangam – India’s Most Preferred Family Matchmaking Service to find Brahmin brides & grooms.Marriage in India is about famil... ["Worst app even I registered my mobile number I use...", "what type of customer service you' are providing, ...", "worst application. they are matching two boys prof...", "After paying for the premium no body responded and...", "Every brahmin has to try this wonderful app Genuin..."] Social Live 09-11-20 ["Keralachristian Matrimony - Christian Wedding App", "Christian Matrimony App -"] 2
nightly - dating camera, chat with nearby people Google Play Store 2019-11-19 ["Social"] 3.87 4 3.0 15 4 0 11 1,000+ Online dating app what you can share photo, connect, meet with nearby friends 1.0 0.0 Connecting with nearby people is faster and easier than ever. Share what you are doing now, engage with friends and chat with them Features on the "nightly" app include:✔ Profile: Build a dating profi... ["Boring aap", "Nice"] Dating Live 16-01-20 ["2RedBeans", "Fav Talk - Chatting about same interests", "Paktor - Swipe, Match & live Chat", "SweetRing - Meet, Match, Date", "Hong Kong Social- Chat Dating App for Hong Kongers"] 50
Toon Cup 2020 - Cartoon Network's Football Game Google Play Store ["HealthnSports"] 3.8 233 456.0 864 233 60 571 50,000,000+ Shoot, tackle and score with Gumball and Robin from Cartoon Network! 1.0 0.0 Play Toon Cup 2020, the totally free football game! Have fun choosing your favourite Cartoon Network characters such as Ice Bear from We Bare Bears, Batgirl from DC Superhero Girls and Darwin from The... ["it is so good but i wish there where more players ...", "The game is great I love choosing my favorite char...", "Awesome game, but there are some things that need ...", "It stucks completely on the loading screen i waite...", "I like this game, i gave it 2 stars because you on..."] Sports Live 13-08-20 ["Hot Wheels Unlimited", "Boomerang Make and Race 2 - Cartoon Racing Game", "Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game", "Slugterra: Slug it Out 2", "Ben 10 Heroes"] 50
FitCommit Product Hunt 2020-12-12 ["App", "HealthnSports", "AInDS"] 1.75 30 3.0 0 0 0 0 Track your workouts with AI Fit commit is an AI based workout tracker The app starts with built-in workout sessions. During a workout, the app opens a camera to track the workout activity. This activity is logged once performed.... Hello, Makers around the world, When developing a solution for Fitness, wepersonally faced these problems. > There is no motivation. > Workout videosand other mobile planners do not provide personal f... ["This is an amazing idea. Let me give it a try. Wil...", "@harsh_2011 !fitcommit is a cool idea. This will d..."] ["Android", "Health and Fitness", "Artificial Intelligence", "Tech"] default 2020-12-12 ["rungap", "liftium", "ignite-for-iphone", "squid", "strong-2"] 19 ["", ""] [""] []
AstroRender Google Play Store 2011-07-01 ["Education"] 3.62 20 25.0 96 20 19 57 10,000+ Star rendering demo 1.0 0.0 This draws 40,000 stars (complete up to magnitude 8) with fairly realistic brightness simulation, and lets you rotate and zoom. It's not a useful astronomy program--nothing is labeled, there are no p... ["Better than a lot of other Android astronomy apps....", "I agree that this could make for an awesome live w...", "Very immersive experience, can't fault it consider...", "As the author says, not useful. However, it is int...", "Please more features.Name of stars.Work fine on my..."] Education Live 02-07-11 ["LunarMap HD", "Floating Brightness Control", "FlowCalculator", "Graphing Calculator Ad-Free", "Spectro by Variable"] 27
CISSP Practice Exam 2020 CBK-5 Google Play Store 2016-01-21 ["Education"] 3.62 17 31.0 60 17 3 40 5,000+ Prepare CISSP Certification exam with Practice test & Flashcards. Download FREE 1.0 0.0 CISSP practice exam simulator is a free CISSP exam prep app for Certified Information Systems Security Professional examination. It is a complete CISSP study guide to prepare you for actual CISSP exam... ["Great app, very confortable to learn efficiently. ...", "Very terrible experience , paid version can not us...", "unstable app question in practice test gets stuck ...", "Good stuff. Ads are annoying but easy to close. Th...", "i believe there should be avoidance of repeayed qu..."] Education Live 08-07-19 ["CISSP Flashcards", "CISSP Certification Exam", "(ISC)\u00b2 Official CISSP Tests", "CISSP Pocket Prep", "CISSP Practice Test Free 2020"] 50
Shower Power Product Hunt 2020-11-25 ["Entertainment", "Housing"] 4.87 908 71.0 29 28 1 0 Hydropower shower speaker made from recycled ocean plastic. A hydropower bluetooth shower speaker that fits on any showerhead. Made from recycled ocean plastic and leveraging a hydroelectric generator, it generates 100% of its power from water — providing lite... Thanks for hunting @chrismessina and whats up Product Hunt! Reid, here, co-founder of Ampere. We make fun, functional tech. Weve been developing ShowerPower for more than two years now and we launched... ["Really neat, especially the hydropower, but don't ...", "Helps me rock out in the shower, awesome. Helps me...", "Congrats on the launch. Great holiday gift. Heres ...", "Insta-buy. Exactly what I've been looking for but ...", "@pian_istien Good question! Maybe this product is ..."] ["Music", "Home", "Hardware", "Crowdfunding", "Tech"] pre_launch 2020-11-25 ["aqua-dew"] 1 ["", "", ""] ["", ""] ["chrismessina", "ChaseLarson"]
Kindergarten Maths - Count, add, subtract to 30 Google Play Store 2017-02-18 ["Education"] 3.88 3 8.0 17 3 3 11 10,000+ GET AHEAD OF SCHOOL - 6 FUN GAMES THAT TEACH EARLY MATHS - 4 TO 7 YEAR OLDS 1.0 0.0 6 games for each of 30 stages that cover most of the counting, addition and subtraction content covered in kindergarten/prep - the first year of school - or Early Stage 1 (4-7 year olds). Suitable fo... ["I have 4 accounts on my phone, and I purchased thi...", "Covers the concepts thoroughly allowing kids to pr...", "Easy learning games but u cant play full version w...", "Great way to keep them busy while they learn", "Best maths app for kids that is out now."] Educational Live 11-12-17 ["ParrotFish - Sight Words Reading Games", "Kids Kindergarten Math", "ParrotFish - Sight Words Reading Games - EDU", "Owl and Pals Preschool Lessons", "Kids Reading Sight Words Lite"] 50
Mystery Valley Google Play Store 2018-08-03 ["Gaming"] 3.81 898 1827.0 4275 898 459 2918 100,000+ Horror escape game with a great story from the creators of True Fear series. 1.0 0.0 From the creators of True Fear: Forsaken Souls. First time on Android, discover or revisit the classic hit that helped pave the way to the hidden object horror escape genre!A rookie FBI agent is assig... ["Great puzzles good story line well thought out onl...", "This game came BEFORE True Fear, so '.expecting be...", "This game is interesting; I am a big horror genre ...", "I didn't get to truely play enough to decide i wan...", "This is entertaining so far. There are a lot of Hi..."] Adventure Live 19-03-19 ["Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows", "Mysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana Adventure game", "True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2", "Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises", "True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1"] 50 Product Hunt 2020-03-28 ["App", "WebApp", "Entertainment", "HealthnSports"] 1.19 33 1.0 0 0 0 0 Find your physical freedom in just 15 minutes a day is an extensive online collection of Integrated Movement Routines that work all your muscles together, balancing your body to help you stay active and break free from the aches and pains... TheOptimal.mewants to help you stay healthy and moving during this time ofself-isolation. To help mid-lifers maintain theirmobilityand flexibility andhelpreduce the stress of self-isolation,we are off... ["Android", "iPhone", "Web App", "Health and Fitness", "Video Streaming"] default 2020-03-28 ["8fit", "google-fit-2", "fityo", "esyfit", "classpass-go"] 8 [""] [""] []
2020 Wrapped by Spotify Product Hunt 2020-12-02 ["Entertainment"] 4.65 488 19.0 4 3 1 0 The songs you loved most this year, all wrapped up. Wrapped is where Spotify listeners everywhere get a deep dive into their most memorable listening moments of the year. ["I look forward to this every year, but to be hones...", "It's that time of year again! My wrapped's are alw...", "Very detailed this year. How much minutes you spen...", "One of the most positive things and enjoyable expe...", "As I predicted... Top artist: Bieber Top song: Som..."] ["Music", "Spotify"] default 2020-12-02 ["your-time-capsule-by-spotify", "mytop50", "your-top-lockdown-songs", "wrapped-compare", "palcast"] 5 ["", ""] [""] ["chsichen", "eldsjal"]
Pango Bakery: cooking and baking game for kids Google Play Store 2020-09-22 ["Education"] 4.29 13 50.0 98 13 10 75 100,000+ A spectacular race to make donuts! 1.0 0.0 The Pango bakery opens its doors!Pango uses a magic oven to satisfy its most demanding clients.Enter the oven and follow each recipe's extraordinary journey: slide down the conveyor belt, jump from bl... ["I saw awesome arcade play this game on YouTube. So...", "I love pango apps so obviously I think this is goi...", "Almost every level is hidden behind a paywall ther...", "I like the game except for only 3 levels are not w...", "I like this game but can you make Talking Bunny pl..."] Educational Live 23-09-20 ["Pango One Road : logical labyrinth for children", "Pango Storytime: intuitive story app for kids", "Pango land", "Grow Forest", "Fiete World - Creative dollhouse for kids 4+"] 50
Glip by RingCentral Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Productivity", "Social"] 2.49 40 1.0 5 5 0 0 Free video meetings with built-in team messaging. Meet Smarter. Free video meetings with built-in team messaging. Happy to share Glip by RingCentral. Been a labor of love for this whole year.Much work remains.. But it's a good start.. Hope you like it ["Productivity", "Messaging", "Meetings"] default 2020-12-16 ["zoom-4", "slack-video-calls", "roundee-io-smarter-video-meetings", "whereby-2", "around-6"] 8 ["", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["arnaudbud", "mpeachey", "PrRaje", "davevr"]
FranklinWrite Product Hunt 2020-11-27 ["Productivity", "Education"] 4.03 277 8.0 1 0 1 0 Training drills for writing by Benjamin Franklin According to his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin created 7 drills to master writing. These 7 drills, automated by, turned him from an elementary school dropout into one of the most ... Hi Product Hunt! :) I'm Darren, a Yale English and Education major. I've beenstudying how to improve one's writing for years, and today I'm sharing withyou a 200-year-old learning method that can help... ["Congrats on lauching! Proud of you bro", "Looks good, cant wait to try it out.", "Thumbs up!"] ["Productivity", "Writing Tools", "Education"] default 2020-11-27 ["blurt"] 1 [""] [""] []
Hewell Product Hunt 2020-12-14 ["App", "Travel", "Education"] 2.2 37 1.0 0 0 0 0 Your virtual tour guide to the world Hewell is a virtual guide that finds interesting things around you whether you're in a new city or your home town. Use Hewell on the road during a vacation or in your neighborhood. Get to know your ar... Hey everyone, creator here! I made Hewell to help people discover the deep andunique history of the world around them. Hewell helps you discover interestingplaces when you're out and about and lets yo... ["iPhone", "Kids", "Historical Games", "Education", "Travel"] default 2020-12-14 ["hearst-castle-app", "anyroad", "tales-tours", "wunderwalk", "yapq-2"] 8 [""] [""] ["sonicrocketman"]
Unicorn Chef: Slime DIY Cooking Games for Girls Google Play Store 2019-03-14 ["Entertainment"] 4.23 888 3350.0 5376 888 247 4241 1,000,000+ Cool slime recipes such as Unicorn, Rainbow, Glitter, Galaxy, Candy and more! 1.0 0.0 From the creators of the super popular Unicorn Chef brings you the newest UNICORN SLIME!Features:- A super fun slime DIY game with TONS of CRAZY SLIMES!- Keep updated with new slimes EVERY MONTH!- DIY... ["Can't do the things where it follows ur hand and d...", "The game was kinda good but more awful cause they ...", "Soooo cute! Woooow I didn't expect this cutie pie ...", "This game is soooooooo much fun!!!! I really like ...", "I really like it!! A lot of adds but This is great..."] Entertainment Live 23-12-20 ["Unicorn Slime Simulator: Girls Games", "Unicorn Chef: Mermaid Cooking Games for Girls", "Unicorn Popcorn Maker- Crazy Popcorn Popper", "Unicorn Milkshake Maker \u2013Cool Drink Milkshake Game", "Cooking Unicorn Rainbow Cake- Food Game for girl"] 50
All By Myself - Little Critter Google Play Store 2011-02-05 ["Books"] 4.43 33 200.0 424 33 25 366 50,000+ “I can brush my teeth... and put on my pajamas.” 0.0 1.99 Join Little Critter in this interactive book app as he shows us all the things he can do by himself! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and follow along with three fun ways to read! From tying hi... ["Whether I read it to them, or let the app read it ...", "I read little Critter growing up, and now I get to...", "My son who is 3 loves all of this range. He enjoys...", "Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile with Lollipop. Good sto...", "Sometimes when screen is tapped to many times on ..."] Books & Reference Live 26-09-19 ["Horton Hears a Who!", "Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss", "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back", "Horton Hatches the Egg", "Hop on Pop - Dr. Seuss"] 50
1-on-1 Meeting Questions for Managers Product Hunt 2020-03-05 ["Productivity", "Education"] 4.76 762 74.0 41 41 0 0 Browse most popular 1-on-1 questions by categories This list is to help managers have insightful conversations with their reports in their 1-on-1 meetings. It helps build better relationships, exchange feedback, have action-oriented agenda and gain in... Hi PH! At Peoplebox, we have a simple vision - to build the most effectiveplatform to be a great manager. We know that the path to that is through**powerful 1-on-1s** , the most impactful tool in the ... ["Lifesaver for all new managers! Great list of cura...", "Good list. Can you localise in other languages? On...", "@abhi426 I am really impressed with this exhaustiv...", "Hey, this looks pretty handy! Would love to try th...", "@abhi426 @alagu This looks great! I think this wou..."] ["Productivity", "Task Management", "Education", "Meetings"] default 2020-03-05 ["duuoo-2", "soapbox-592aef37-6c9c-4cd8-9bed-5fcaf1338a1b", "1-on-1-meeting-assistant", "1-on-1-meeting-playbooks", "meeting-question-generator"] 6 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["alagu"]
Boom Cards Google Play Store 2016-05-12 ["Education"] 3.81 18 17.0 67 18 3 46 10,000+ Awesome Learning App 1.0 0.0 This app enables students to play self-grading Boom Cards on Android devices. It synchronizes with your Boom Learning classroom. From the app, teacher account holders can assign materials to classes a... ["This app was great until this week when it had sto...", "This app will not load on my Samsung tablet, it is...", "I think it's good because I'm learning a lot about...", "The best learning app. Great fun ways to learn and...", "Techer needed to login this app thats why it sucks..."] Education Live 08-12-20 ["VocabularySpellingCity", "Oxford Phonics World: Personal", "LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime", "Phonogram Sounds", "Sight Words Learning Games & Flash Cards Lite"] 50
Peppy Pals Social Skills Google Play Store 2019-08-14 ["Education"] 3.79 16 38.0 63 16 6 41 10,000+ Peppy Pals is a colorful and safe app filled with joy and playful learning. 1.0 0.0 The gender-neutral animals socialize, take care of each other and solve problems in a tranquil and calm setting. Stay on the beach, go to the farm or visit a magical school through scenarios that your... ["This game is really good right now but I play with...", "as soon as I got the app and it was loading it kic...", "Horrible. Extremely laggy and I'm very disappointe...", "I enjoyed the app, the animals are very cute and r...", "Thank You! Miss Glassman And My Family of Two Grat..."] Educational Live 21-12-20 ["Wonder Woollies Play World", "Toddler's App: Farm Animals", "Stories for Kids - with illustrations & audio", "Peppy Pals Beach - SEL for Kids", "Fiete World - Creative dollhouse for kids 4+"] 50
Simple App Launcher - Launch apps easily & quickly Google Play Store 2016-08-20 ["Productivity"] 4.2 203 459.0 1305 203 96 1006 100,000+ A customizable holder for your favorite apps, reorder icons as you wish. 1.0 0.0 This is not a real launcher, just a wrapper for your favorite app icons for quick launching. You can easily add any app launcher, so you won't ever again have to swipe through useless apps to find the... ["This is YUMMY! Rare app that is intuitive and with...", "Great set of apps from this developer. Sticks to t...", "decent but it would really be nice if it could inc...", "Although i have purchased the simple thank you app...", "(Update) just updated this app, and now all my \"bu..."] Personalization Live 10-11-20 ["Smart Drawer - Apps Organizer", "App launcher drawer", "Simple Launcher ( Big Launcher,Easy Mode,no ads)", "BGN Launcher", "Launcher Widget"] 50
Ranch Adventures: Amazing Match Three Google Play Store 2019-02-13 ["Gaming"] 4.33 448 1268.0 3689 448 229 3012 100,000+ Play this amazing match-3 puzzle & Design your beautiful Ranch, live your story! 1.0 0.0 Ranch Adventures isn’t just an exciting match-3 game: it’s an immersive world where you’re a master gardener!Game Features:- Over 1,000 entertaining levels;- Earn coins for completing levels and use t... ["I have played several games and so far I have most...", "Love this game, but, to update my previous rating,...", "I love this game! There's always something to do w...", "good just started playing update i just don't like...", "Great game frustrating at times love the dog but a..."] Puzzle Live 23-12-20 ["Puzzle Heart Match-3 Adventure", "Wild Farm Match-3 Adventure", "Bloomberry match-3 story. Merge fruits & decorate!", "Epic Pets: Match 3 story with fashion animals", "Park Town: Match 3 Game with a story!"] 50
Shazam for the Web Product Hunt 2020-12-14 ["Productivity", "Entertainment", "AInDS"] 3.53 208 11.0 1 1 0 0 Shazam identifies songs playing around you 🎶 Shazam identifies songs playing around you. Now available directly at ["Shazam identifies songs playing around you Yes and...", "Looking forward to testing this out", "I'm not seeing a web version....?", "Great stuff! Very accessible.", "I am loving the vision"] ["Productivity", "Music", "Art", "Artificial Intelligence", "Tech"] default 2020-12-14 ["pinterest-lens", "songbird", "hummi-nz", "watzatsong-iphone-app", "musicsmart"] 6 [""] [""] ["__tosh"]
Shine 3.0 Product Hunt 2019-11-26 ["App", "Social", "HealthnSports"] 3.37 198 4.0 2 2 0 0 Calm anxiety & stress Shine helps you treat yourself better. Join millions of people who experience lower stress and anxiety after using Shine. New in v3.0: _You deserve an app that works with your daythats why wereexcited to introduce the Today tab, your new homebase in the Shine app. Hereyou can start your day with your Daily Shine and chec... ["I suffer from severe anxiety so I thought to give ...", "The design and idea are so nice, I'll definitely t...", "French people need this. Any French translation is..."] ["Android", "iPhone", "Apple Watch", "Health and Fitness", "Messaging", "Meditation"] default 2019-11-26 ["calm", "stop-breathe-think", "headspace-2-0", "meditation-made-simple-2", "simple-habit-098b3fce-6ea1-4aea-907f-c7c14094079f"] 8 ["", "", ""] ["", "", ""] ["chrismessina", "marahml", "Naomi_NYC"]
Graphue Product Hunt 2020-12-07 ["Productivity", "Business", "Education", "DeveloperTools"] 4.68 966 41.0 5 5 0 0 Presentation templates for every purpose Do you want to start your pitch with a boring looking presentation? Stop that! ✔ 125 templates uploaded (+new ones added daily) ✔ For PPT, Slides or Keynote ✔ ‘Get-in-now-or-regret-forever’ price of $... Hello Hunters! Paul here, founder of After our previoussuccessful launch with Flat Icons, we're back! Just when Covid hit, I neededto pitch a new business to a group of investors. When yo... ["WoW.. Amazing product offering from the Amazing pe...", "Hello Paul, thanks for the thorough introduction o...", "Could you please define the differences between th...", "Thanks! Got it already! As a graphic designer and ...", "That's a no-brainer deal! Love that pet care templ..."] ["Design Tools", "Productivity", "Marketing", "Education", "Tech"] default 2020-12-07 ["quickstart-presentation-template", "slidebean-3-0"] 2 [""] [""] ["Mr_Jansen"]
ColdInbox Product Hunt 2020-04-28 ["BrowserExtn", "Business", "Social", "Startup"] 2.82 343 28.0 12 10 2 0 Send bulk invitations on Linkedin with personalised messages Sending Linkedin Messages one-by-one? Never Again! ColdInbox is YOUR Virtual Assistant: 1. Define your target audience on Linkedin. 2. Personalise your message with custom variables. 3. ColdInbox will... ["Cool product! Cold outreach on LinkedIn is always ...", "Trs bonne application. 1) Linstallation reste aise...", "Outil facile installer et intuitif. Jutilisais un ...", "Is LinkedIn allowing your integration or does this...", "Definitely a need, however, linkedin can stop it i..."] ["Chrome Extensions", "Sales", "SaaS", "LinkedIn", "Tech"] default 2020-04-28 ["linkedin-messaging", "linkedin-pages", "linkedin-events", "uclic"] 4 ["", "", ""] ["", ""] ["alexd", "arthurbackouche", "acenstweets"]
Fox in Socks - Dr. Seuss Google Play Store 2011-02-21 ["Books"] 4.84 0 38.0 145 0 4 141 5,000+ "When tweetle beetles fight, it's called a tweetle beetle battle." 0.0 5.99 Join Fox In Socks in this interactive book app as he plays a tongue-twisting game with Mr. Knox! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and follow along with three fun ways to read! See if Fox's tri... ["This is one of my favorites, but all the OM book a...", "My 3yr old son loves this book and it's great that...", "I remember my mom reading this to me all the time ...", "You fu***ers should buy viacom. My 3 year old has ...", "I loved reading it to my kids and now to my grandk..."] Books & Reference Live 12-07-19 ["I Just Forgot - Little Critter", "Horton Hears a Who!", "Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book", "The Lorax - Dr. Seuss", "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back"] 50
Osmo Projector Product Hunt 2020-12-13 ["App", "Productivity", "Education"] 1.95 48 1.0 1 1 0 0 Share your desk over remote video using Osmo The Osmo team launched Osmo Projector in response to educators’ urgent requests for the tools needed to teach in a virtual setting. Osmo designed its new free app specifically for teachers and student... ["This seems really awesome for educators teaching r..."] ["iPhone", "Productivity", "Hardware", "Education", "Tech", "Remote Work Tools"] default 2020-12-13 ["glean", "zaption", "learning-virtual-reality", "savvy-4", "ontrack-2"] 5 ["", ""] [""] ["karmarieodell", "aubetony"]
LEGO® Life: Safe Social Media for Kids Google Play Store 2017-01-30 ["Social"] 4.03 11709 29575.0 59277 11709 3830 43738 10,000,000+ LEGO® Life is a safe kids app that inspires them to create, share and discover. 1.0 0.0 LEGO® Life is a safe, creative social app designed with kids in mind. Your child can share their creations in the fully moderated community, get inspired and engage with other young LEGO creators usin... ["Edit 2: Your suggestion did not help what so ever....", "Lego Life is a great app for kids to share there l...", "I love this app a lot!!! It's like lego facbook. I...", "Lego Life is not a bad app. I think it's a wonderf...", "Still broken with a lot of features, can't even se..."] Social Live 17-12-20 ["LEGO\u00ae Building Instructions", "THE LEGO\u00ae MOVIE 2\u2122 Movie Maker", "LEGO\u00ae Super Mario\u2122", "LEGO\u00ae Friends: Heartlake Rush", "LEGO\u00ae 3D Catalogue"] 50 Product Hunt 2020-12-10 ["WebApp", "Entertainment"] 1.85 46 1.0 0 0 0 0 Grow your piano skills with each Google search. It‘s hard to integrate frequent piano practice into your daily routine. This page helps you to learn one piano note before each Google search, as you are just redirected if you tap the right key. Set ... Boost your note reading skills each day on the fly while surfing the web ["Web App", "Music"] default 2020-12-10 ["flowkey", "pianu", "simply-piano", "skoove-for-ipad", "flowkey-2-0"] 7 [""] [""] ["marianko3nig"]
Shuffleboard Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Productivity", "Social", "DeveloperTools"] 2.95 61 19.0 7 7 0 0 Remote feedback tool for discussions, brainstorms & retros An interactive presentation for gathering feedback from agile teams and clients. 1️⃣ Ask a question 2️⃣ Everyone answers on their own device 3️⃣ Vote on the best ideas 4️⃣ Print a PDF report (Subscrip... Hi PH, I'm Sam, the founder/creator of Shuffleboard I'm a design consultant,so I run kickoffs and brainstorm meetings all the time. Before Shuffleboard, Ihadn't found a good remote tool for these meet... ["Shuffleboard is a simple and to the point applicat...", "Shuffleboard offers a great way to do simplified b...", "Our startup team has been using this in its Beta f...", "Shuffleboard makes remote retros, among other thin...", "Congrats @sampleite! I was a very early tester and..."] ["Design Tools", "Events", "User Experience", "Meetings", "Tech"] default 2020-12-16 ["15five-4", "feedbear", "redpen", "astuto", "volley-c1817f8d-6722-443c-baee-3b328e4507b0"] 8 ["", ""] [""] ["KatManalac", "sampleite"]
Evaluate Product Hunt 2020-12-07 ["Education", "HRMS"] 1.96 161 11.0 2 2 0 0 Conduct quizzes like a champ A minimalist tool to conduct, manage, analyze Quizzes, effortlessly! Hey Product Hunters, Thank you for checking out Evaluate. I am KU Rehan,founder of Evaluate. I am super excited to share with you Evaluate, aminimalist tool for conducting Quizzes effortlessly. With e... ["Hi I signed up for the trial and did not receive a...", "All the best Rehan, really inspiring ... keep goin...", "All the best. Nice clean landing page.", "All the best Rehan,,,,"] ["Hiring and Recruiting", "Education"] default 2020-12-07 ["qzzr", "airconsole-quiz-maker", "brandquiz-2", "questo", "doozy"] 6 [""] [] []
Vectornator Pro For Mac Product Hunt 2019-11-29 ["App", "WebApp", "Productivity", "Education", "DeveloperTools"] 5.0 699 46.0 18 18 0 0 Vector graphic design software for macOS Catalina Vectornator is an all in one graphic design tool and with Vectornator Pro, we're making a big and exciting leap to bring our popular iPad software on macOS: a platform that is widely used and loved by... So happy to be part of the team! Vectornator Pro For Mac ["I think creating a Mac version is a bold move - it...", "I got into Vectornator when they released the X ve...", "THIS is really exciting, first of all because I ca...", "This is really cool - ever since I got Vectornator...", "This is amazing - I have Vectornator on my iPad, u..."] ["iPad", "Mac", "Design Tools", "Productivity", "Art", "User Experience", "Branding", "Education", "Apple"] default 2019-11-29 ["art-text", "design-wizard", "protopie-3-9", "protobulb", "trakto-50a5f6df-cee5-437b-94c1-e92d852b1592"] 7 ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["DadAn9024", "RalphTheodori", "ziad_tamim"]
PongUp! Product Hunt 2017-05-03 ["WebApp", "Social", "HealthnSports", "DeveloperTools"] 1.44 124 19.0 1 1 0 0 The ping pong leaderboard for awesome offices 🏓 PongUp! is a ping pong score tracker and leaderboard for fun offices. It's a dashboard for players to reliably record their ping pong scores, work out rankings, and track their stats over time. PongUp... Hi product hunters , This is super exciting! After spending the last few weekspolishing up features and squashing bugs, I'm happy to finally be able toshare PongUp with all of you! Here's a brief back... ["Love it. We just signed up for the Plus plan. One ...", "Oh yes! @dennisong: you have a new place in our ba...", "@dennisong Nice use of Laravel Spark! Great site a...", "Just what we need at the AngelList office. Feature...", "LOVE this @dennisong Would love to see a national/..."] ["Web App", "Slack", "Sports", "Sports Games", "Tech"] default 2017-05-03 ["pinpon", "playplay-io"] 2 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["mijustin", "dennisongkj"]
The Mandalorian AR Experience Product Hunt 2020-11-23 ["App", "Gaming"] 1.82 44 1.0 0 0 0 0 Google teams up with the Mandalorian Become a bounty hunter & bring the world of "The Mandalorian" to life. Interact with characters & discover hidden features. Retrace the Mandalorian's steps, find the Child, & harness the Force. Only a... A bit of a bummer that it's limited to only a select number of Androiddevices. Cool concept and happy to see Google using their AR tech. ["Android", "Augmented Reality", "Games"] default 2020-11-23 ["star-wars-2", "adidas-star-wars-sneakers", "star-wars-an-interactive-galactic-experience", "star-wars-supply-pod", "star-wars-battlefront-3"] 6 [""] [] ["gabe__perez"]
Trained by JP Google Play Store 2016-07-26 ["HealthnSports"] 4.75 4 31.0 79 4 1 74 10,000+ App for members of the website. 1.0 0.0 This is an exclusive app for all members of the website and includes all the latest videos, workouts, articles, recipes and forums. ["INSECURE. I signed up for the trial, and on the co...", "Signed up with PayPal for a monthly direct debit a...", "The content is great, the app however, not so much...", "Great app. Are there any plans to make videos watc...", "Awesome app, full of content, great if you're a Bo..."] Health & Fitness Live 21-09-20 ["Virtual Trainer Bodyweight", "MINDBODY One", "infiGro: AI Fitness Personal Training Assistant", "Self-Esteem Blackboard", "Booty Bands & Barbells App"] 30
Fruit 2020 Google Play Store 2019-02-01 ["Gaming"] 4.24 7 32.0 70 7 9 54 10,000+ The Fruit 2020 was filled with the sweet smell . 1.0 0.0 The Fruit 2020 was filled with the sweet smell wonderful fairy tale, everything in the world is sugar made from candy, even delicious fruit on the trees. Winnie daisy grow up happily in the forest.Jum... ["Easy, fantastic, thrilling game snd keep you excit...", "It seems like a very nice game. But where is the s...", "good game but the star bar is in the middle of the...", "So far so good, I haven't been playing for long.", "Thank for you happy news year"] Puzzle Live 16-03-20 ["Fruits Mania : Fairy rescue", "New Sweet Fruit Punch: #1 Free Puzzle Match 3 Game", "Sweet Fruit Cube", "Candy Match 3", "Fruit Land \u2013 match3 adventure"] 5
Mentory Product Hunt 2019-12-27 ["Productivity", "Business", "Education"] 3.22 169 15.0 3 0 3 0 On demand career mentors to succeed at work. Mentory is a community of on demand mentors, thinkers and doers that are ready to help you to improve in your professional and personal life, one conversation at a time. Hey everyone! Professional development is not an easy task. If you never had acoaching session before, or if you just graduated and are trying to pass yourfirst interview, it can be incredibly dauntin... ["Let me sum up the points I've made via your Interc...", "The idea of matching mentors and mentees has been ...", "Idea seems neat, however 1. when trying to create ...", "I really like the idea for your app; to connect ex...", "This looks an awful lot (read 1:1) like Musixmatch..."] ["Productivity", "Freelance", "Marketing", "Education", "Tech", "Startup Lessons "] default 2019-12-27 ["mentor-list", "tribe-of-mentors", "mentorola", "acoto", "nadeeni"] 6 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["jm_ramos", "jgfrontend"]
Arabugator II - Arab words for Quran understanding Google Play Store 2019-09-01 ["Education"] 4.76 3 49.0 101 3 1 97 5,000+ English Arab words for Quran understanding and learning 1.0 0.0 Arabugator II - Understand 80% of the Quran with Arabic vocabularyQuran understanding and learning with Arabic vocabularyThe Pareto principle is a law based on an observed phenomenon: 80% of the effec... ["Dear Brother, We will be very much thankful if you...", "Why didn't you tell me this app exists? Thank you ...", "Simple and efficient way to learn and review the m...", "Really It's a Very good APK. I like it", "Alhamdulillah, Allahu akbar."] Education Live 17-08-20 ["Madrassah - Arabic vocabulary", "Arabugator I - Arabic conjugation game", "Arabic Vocabulary 1", "Madinah Arabic Book part 1", "Learn how to read Arabic in 24"] 50
Clock + English Google Play Store 2013-02-08 ["Productivity"] 4.45 5 18.0 65 5 4 56 10,000+ This is a clock widget with English learning feature! 1.0 0.0 This is a clock widget with English learning feature!=Clock=Customize your smartphone/tablet with beautiful flowers and cute cats! The widget can be fully customized with the following options:● 2 bac... ["Wow, WHAT EXCITING GRAMMAR GAME HELP.", "useful & interesting", "Like it", "Ok"] Personalization Live 19-08-19 ["Sticky Memo Notepad Premium 2", "Sticky Memo Notepad *Dots* Free", "Lotusfire \u5b78\u82f1\u6587", "Sticky Memo Notepad *Watercolor*", "Sticky Memo Notepad *Dots* 4 Free"] 25
Summon The JSON: JavaScript Product Hunt 2020-12-08 ["Gaming"] 1.53 105 6.0 0 0 0 0 Fantasy programming physical card game Ancient Ascians appeared. The oldest one with long beard came closer and told: "You have to save the Repository". After yesterday battle all you could think of is to save anything. A hot cup of coffee... FB: TT: ["Love this idea. I just have one comment that the s...", "", "Summon The JSON became 3th TOP trending card game ...", "Thanks for the feedback! Surely it is something to..."] ["Card Games", "Funny Games", "Tech", "Games"] default 2020-12-08 ["cards-against-humanity-2", "expedition-the-live-adventure-card-game", "spaceteam-the-card-game", "kitten-cards-the-cat-trading-card-game", "control-a-strategic-card-game"] 9 [""] [""] []
Josh - Made in India | Short Video App Google Play Store 2020-07-05 ["Social"] 4.19 32986 103527.0 222263 32986 11698 177579 50,000,000+ Josh- Create & Watch the most viral & trending short videos in your own Language 1.0 0.0 India’s best “Made in India” short videos app to enjoy the most viral & trending short videos in your own Language.Kya tumhare thumke me hai Jacqueline waala dum? Here’s Jacqueline Fernandes doing ... ["This is very good application but there have so ma...", "Many things need to be improved My suggestions 1.C...", "It is very nice app we can make video in this app ...", "Best for timepass and Fun but when I installed thi...", "Its really a very nice app with cool secondary edi..."] Social Live 14-12-20 ["Chingari - Original Indian Short Video App", "Biugo-video maker, photo video maker, video editor", "Noizz - video editor, video maker photos with song", "MX Player", "PLAYit - A New All-in-One Video Player"] 25
SyntaxMeets Product Hunt 2020-12-06 ["Business", "Social", "DeveloperTools"] 2.0 147 1.0 1 1 0 0 Create rooms, call friends and code together simultaneously Syntaxmeets. Create rooms 🏠 Call your friends 👬🏼 Sip Chai, ☕ Chat, Create, and Code👨‍💻. A coding platform to code simultaneously 🚀 with your friends and design your algorithms on SyntaxPad. And you kn... Please share your valuable suggestions/feedback. ["Messaging", "User Experience", "Customer communication", "Software Engineering", "Tech"] default 2020-12-06 ["meatspaces", "chitchat", "quip-chat-rooms", "airety", "sidecar-by-gitter"] 17 ["", "", ""] ["", ""] []
Moderate Product Hunt 2020-12-05 ["Social", "AInDS"] 5.0 383 20.0 7 5 2 0 Identify, mute, and block trolls in your Twitter feed Moderate makes your Twitter feed better by taking away bad interactions and highlighting good. We’re building AI and workflow tools to help you take control of your Twitter experience. Our initial pro... Hi everyone! (And thanks, @chrismessina, for the Hunt!) Ali, Juan and I are sohappy and excited to share Moderate, the result of a lot of thinking andbuilding toward the goal of making your social med... ["Bolstering the walls of the echo chamber, huh? ......", "Hey ?makers, Congrats on the launch! I'd be curiou...", "Interested! I'd also love to chat with you guys ab...", "This looks awesome! I would totally use this. Fina...", "Hi ?makers - Looks very interesting and much neede..."] ["Twitter", "Social Media Tools", "Artificial Intelligence", "Tech"] default 2020-12-05 ["trolldor", "cleanspeak-2", "troll-tax", "block-together", "shield"] 5 ["", "", "", ""] ["", "", ""] ["chrismessina", "mcoatney", "Tehranix"]
Strategic IQ Google Play Store 2019-04-03 ["Education"] 4.34 133 339.0 1010 133 47 830 100,000+ Expand your knowledge of the topics driving transformational change 1.0 0.0 Strategic insights and contextual intelligence from the World Economic Forum. Explore and monitor the issues and forces driving transformational change across economies, industries and systems.See our... ["It seem like a good app with information on the su...", "Very informative , continous Learning to be realis...", "This app appears to be very useful and informative...", "Fantastic app for gaining a big picture view of th...", "An awesome app, so informative! I'm not easy to im..."] Education Live 27-11-20 ["McKinsey Insights", "INSEAD Knowledge", "Economist", "The Economist Espresso. Daily News", "Business Insider"] 50
ErpPro - Invoice & Estimate Google Play Store 2014-04-27 ["Business"] 4.23 8 71.0 87 8 7 72 500+ You can easily manage your sales and inventory. 0.0 43.99 Key Features Android Phone, Galaxy Tab, Tablet compatible : 4inch~10.1inch Simply create invoices, estimates and purchase orders. You can print a receipt for the customer (mobile receipt printer) You ... ["I need to change/move the place of the form like \"...", "1)This app is ok, but the profit calculation shoul...", "Just what i need, simple & mobile sales watch. Qu...", "Thanks for the update"] Business Live 28-11-19 ["ErpLite - Invoice & Estimate", "Free Professional Invoice App - Invoice Maker", "ProBooks: Invoices, Estimates, and Expenses", "Invoices, estimates, receipts. Tropic Invoice.", "Invoice Maker | Bill clients | Estimate & Receipt"] 50
Whisk on Slack Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Social", "Food", "DeveloperTools"] 3.51 65 4.0 0 0 0 0 Find, share & save recipes with coworkers via Whisk on Slack Whisk on Slack makes it super easy to: find new recipes based on ingredients, share recipes from your saved recipes, save recipes to your recipe box, and more. Hey everyone! I wanted to share a cool new way to share recipes with your co-workers on Slack. With a very unique holiday season upon us, our team has beenswapping recipes on Slack to spread cheer acr... ["@aaronoleary this has you written all over it.", "Super cool product.", "Very impressed :-)"] ["Slack", "Cooking", "Remote Work Tools"] default 2020-12-16 0 ["", "", ""] ["", "", ""] ["ryanlawler", "nickholzherr", "TravisBogard"]
Ready Player Me Cyberpunk Edition Product Hunt 2020-12-09 ["Gaming"] 3.56 196 11.0 6 6 0 0 Create a lookalike cyberpunk avatar from a selfie We built this cyberpunk-themed avatar creator for all of the impatient Cyberpunk 2077 fans out there waiting for the game to be released tomorrow. We couldn't be more excited about the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 tomorrow (!!)and decided to build this cyberpunk-themed avatar creator for all of theimpatient fans out there. You can create a lookalike... ["Very cool. But put the bionic arm on the other sid...", "Wow! If I were \"CD Project RED\" CEO I would defini...", "I'm quite excited about this! Here's my avatar: ht...", "Nice! Mine is", "Here's mine lovely avatar :)"] ["Virtual Reality", "Augmented Reality", "Games"] default 2020-12-09 ["makeavatar-ai", "pixeos-avatar-maker", "genies-everywhere"] 3 ["", "", ""] ["", "", ""] ["timmutoke", "rainerselvet"]
Date Night Questions Product Hunt 2020-12-04 ["Gaming"] 4.85 624 52.0 3 3 0 0 Questions to help you know your friends & loved ones better. Open up your phone on your next date night and select a deck depending on who you’re with (either friends or lovers). Take turns flipping through cards and answering questions to deepen your relations... Date Night Questions was built by my husband, @hunterloftis, and designed byme, @iamamandaloftis! As a developer/designer duo, weve been wanting to pairup on a project for a very long time, and this i... ["The design and flow of this is great, it made me w...", "Definitely reminds me of My friends a...", "Really great design and super simple but effective...", "Awesome idea and design. I saw something like this...", "it's great but my girlfriends mad at me because i ..."] ["Card Games", "Couples", "Games"] default 2020-12-04 ["plop-2", "quizbreaker-2", "datetime", "bill-is-fun", "filter-off-3"] 5 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["iamamandaloftis"]
Macmilano Shelvio Product Hunt 2020-12-13 ["HealthnSports", "DeveloperTools"] 3.48 255 10.0 1 0 1 0 the newest modular shelf to organize your bike and gear Macmilano is a product design brand with a focus on cycling storage solutions. The new multifunctional Shelvio is more than just a bike stand or bike rack, it’s a way to optimize free spaces inside ho... ["Ive been following Macmilano for quite some time, ...", "This is a product that I have been looking forward...", "Looks good, cant wait to try it out.", "Huge fan of what you guys are doing", "Looks very nice. Well done!"] ["Design Tools", "Sports", "Tech"] default 2020-12-13 ["clug"] 1 [""] [] []
University of SUBWAY® Google Play Store 2015-09-15 ["Business"] 3.77 264 361.0 978 264 29 685 100,000+ UofS provides online training for SUBWAY® Restaurant employees. 1.0 0.0 The University of SUBWAY® is a free online training tool for SUBWAY® franchisees to use to help train their employees. SUBWAY® restaurant owners worldwide can use this tool to assign courses and quizz... ["The information and illustrations are good, and th...", "The app is slow and unresponsive. The app never se...", "I'd rather listen to 3 hours of my mom screaming a...", "It barely works, plus the lessons are very condesc...", "Would be awesome if I was able to access app again..."] Business Live 25-09-20 ["SUBWAY\u00ae", "Pathway by Chick-fil-A", "SubVentory", "Quiznos Toasty Points", "Wendy\u2019s \u2013 Earn Rewards, Order Food & Score Offers"] 50
Kanji Time Product Hunt 2020-12-14 ["App", "Education"] 3.13 192 28.0 4 4 0 0 Japanese anywhere: from Apple Watch to the Mac Rethinking language learning. Kanji Time is a new app to learn Japanese vocabulary and kanji on all Apple platforms from watchOS to iOS and macOS. Unique features likes widgets, iCloud sync, Smart SRS... Hey there , I'm Artem and the creator of my first independent app on the AppStore. It started as a standalone app for the Apple Watch because I thinknowadays, knowledge should be anywhere where you ar... ["This looks fantastic, impressed at the Apple ecosy...", "This looks amazing, that will be my new Japanese a...", "Love this, studying Japanese now and I'm going to ...", "I have been on the lookout for something like this...", "Huge fan of what you guys are doing"] ["iPhone", "Education", "Learn a Language", "Apple"] default 2020-12-14 ["mainichi", "japanese-emoticons-2", "simply-learn-japanese", "kanji-ninja", "lango"] 8 [""] [""] []
Bible Commentary Verse by Verse Offline Google Play Store 2019-01-19 ["Books"] 4.6 20 886.0 1427 20 110 1297 100,000+ Bible Study Commentaries by Matthew Henry on the whole Bible, Verse by Verse 1.0 0.0 Offline and free Bible Commentary on the whole Bible. Study Bible verse by verse! ["I enjoy this commentary so much it really is very ...", "It has deepened my understanding of the Scripture ...", "The note-taking is nice. I like that I can categor...", "Wonderful app. It's been such a gift to my studies...", "I've been searching from every Bible app the easy ..."] Books & Reference Live 01-02-20 ["Explanatory Bible Notes - John Wesley", "Pulpit Bible commentary", "Bible Commentary Offline and Free", "Study Bible with reference and commentary", "Bible Companion: text, commentary, audio, youth"] 50
How many beers can I buy? Product Hunt 2020-12-14 ["HealthnSports"] 2.07 45 2.0 1 1 0 0 Calculate how many pints you can get with your money. Calculate how many pints you can buy tonight. ["Simple, effective, and accurate. 10/10, thanks for...", "I've never seen something more useful for mankind ..."] ["Health and Fitness", "Nomad Lifestyle"] default 2020-12-14 ["beer"] 1 [""] [] []
Oxeshop Google Play Store 2019-04-07 ["Business"] 4.75 13 151.0 267 13 2 252 5,000+ Oxe is an E- commerce app for E-commerce portals as well as Retail outlets. 1.0 0.0 About usOxigeno International Biz Pvt. Ltd. (known as 'OXE') has been incorporated with the intention of becoming one of the best companies in the world by establishing foremost E-commerce portals as ... ["Worst app I ever used ! No order history ,bad inte...", "wow amazing app very easy to use and attracting di...", "Best online shopping App !!! If u wish prosperity....", "Future of direct selling industry very friendly fo...", "Nice app ,products and services are introduced wis..."] Business Live 28-09-20 ["Bluelab Pulse", "ManageAnticoag", "ClasificadosOnline", "MyFibroScan"] 4
Speech to Text - Voice To Text Converter Google Play Store 2019-11-20 ["Productivity"] 3.68 57 131.0 204 57 16 131 10,000+ Convert your voice into written text with ease. 1.0 0.0 Speech to Text - Voice to Text Converter is the easiest way to turn your voice into written texts, copy and share with your friends on social media, speak to text feature! Download speech to text , vo... ["Love it dont like the adds the cut you off while t...", "Thanks a lot for this app, amazing \ud83d\ude18\ud83d\ude18", "Amazing", "Great"] Productivity Live 16-07-20 ["SNotes - SpeechNotes, Dictation, Speech To Text", "Voice Notes", "Speechkeys Smart Voice Typing", "Voice Notes (No Ads)", "e-Dictate Pro - Speech To Text & Translator"] 14
Folio for Mac Product Hunt 2015-09-30 ["WebApp", "Productivity", "DeveloperTools"] 3.22 414 12.0 1 1 0 0 Simple version control app for designers Folio for Mac is simple version control for design teams based on Git Hey Product Hunters! Were really happy to unveil Folio for Mac today. Itshelped us and our testers remove the clutter from our design folders (no moreendless lists of duplicates) and explore new desig... ["It says it works with Git, but that isn't say it i...", "I downloaded the Trial yesterday and used Folio fo...", "Really excited to try this. After we lost Layervau...", "great idea @hanonno I'll give it a try! Can I safe...", "Great! It looks very useful~"] ["Mac", "Design Tools", "User Experience", "Developer Tools", "GitHub", "Tech"] default 2015-09-30 ["pixelapse", "plant", "design-systems-by-uxpin", "simul-documents", "glitch-rewind"] 5 ["", "", ""] ["", "", ""] ["bramk", "hanonno", "emielvanliere"]
StorifyMe Product Hunt 2020-11-19 ["Commerce", "Business", "Startup"] 4.24 792 58.0 15 13 2 0 All-in-one platform for interactive visual experiences ✨ Craft & publish captivating experiences, EVERYWHERE! Made for brands & individuals, strong in e-commerce.💎 Why? Get Google top space✔️ Offer mobile native content✔️ Use as landing page & convert✔️ Per... Hi, PH community. Thank you @kevin for hunting us! It is a great pleasure tofeature StorifyMe here & thank you for giving us a look! Actually, you shouldconsider yourself lucky to get a second of anyo... ["is the toggle darkmode/lightmode? I just click pub...", "Wow! Looks really good and opens up a lot of possi...", "Awesome! Love the editor, love the product tagging...", "This looks like a great solution to a big problem,...", "@jana_filipovic awesome product! I like the fact t..."] ["User Experience", "Marketing", "SaaS", "E-Commerce"] default 2020-11-19 ["visual-stories", "visual-flows"] 2 ["", "", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["kevinwdavid"]
BandDings: a Musical Adventure Google Play Store 2017-10-08 ["Education"] 4.8 0 6.0 10 0 0 10 500+ Recruit adorable characters to join your band on a musical journey of discovery! 0.0 3.99 Inspired by the Grimm fairytale “Town Musicians of Bremen,” BandDings whisks even the youngest of children on a musical journey of discovery. Help Rose the Walrus recruit adorable characters to join h... ["Very nice interactive experience for young kids! M...", "Wunderbar liebevoll!"] Educational Live 05-10-17 ["KlangDings - House of Music", "Fitoons", "Toddler Animal Trace", "\u0423\u0447\u0438\u043c \u0446\u0432\u0435\u0442\u0430 \u0432\u0435\u0441\u0435\u043b\u043e!", "Babyloonz Animal Friends"] 50
JournalBot Product Hunt 2019-12-21 ["App", "Productivity", "HealthnSports"] 4.06 173 8.0 1 1 0 0 The journal you'll actually use JournalBot is a journal that you text just like a friend. It's journaling for those who don't have time to journal. The current mood of today is a little more isolated and unfeeling than I wouldlike, and to help solve it, I've found this neat little app! Designed by a guyout of Google, it helps you keep your mind c... ["Great job on the app @alexroe. I've been looking f...", "Hey this looks really awesome... what kind of secu...", "I would love to use this app, when will you make i..."] ["iPhone", "Health and Fitness", "Productivity", "Tech"] default 2019-12-21 ["five-minute-journal-app", "perspective-2", "60-seconds-everyday", "reflectly", "journal-2"] 7 ["", "", ""] ["", ""] ["armatav", "tripproberts", "AlexRoe"]
Palabre for Twitter Google Play Store 2015-10-12 ["Social"] 4.09 235 528.0 1245 235 68 942 100,000+ Add your Twitter account in Palabre and enjoy reading your timeline 1.0 0.0 This is an extension for the Palabre application, a modern and extensible news reader. You can not run this application without installing Palabre first: extension adds suppor... ["The plugin works. You'll have to wait a bit (5-10 ...", "Please allow 'Palabre' and 'Palabre for Twitter' t...", "Same app same feeling for thid app as the other on...", "Request token is invalid. It is too old, so, this ...", "Simply doesn't work and hasn't been touched for ov..."] Social Live 12-01-16 ["Follower Checker for Twitter", "Albatross for Twitter", "UberSocial for Twitter", "UberSocial PRO for Twitter", "Friendly For Twitter"] 34
Netclicker Product Hunt 2020-12-13 ["Entertainment"] 2.52 74 9.0 7 7 0 0 Control your browser with your Phone Netclicker is a new way to control and interact with the internet using your mobile phone. Hello World! During my time in Covid19 lockdown, I didn't have access to anApple TV, Smart TV, Android Box, Chromecast, etc. but I did have an extracomputer lying around, so I got started on building ... ["It's a great and simple app to use ! I watch all m...", "Great and simple idea, congrats on the launch!", "Huawei app store??? Pass....."] ["TV", "Netflix", "YouTube"] default 2020-12-13 0 ["", ""] [""] []
Biker Rider 3D Google Play Store 2017-03-30 ["Gaming"] 3.83 215 243.0 862 215 60 587 100,000+ Try not to break yourself! 1.0 0.0 Get the bike and join the exciting moto racing action. You have to ride a bike on the construction site. Many obstacles, punchy moto engine and realistic physics engine make it easy to learn but hard ... ["I like it, an its something that you can play that...", "hard to control and didnt give me any help what so...", "I thin its funny and nice to watch its trilling.", "Its very nice its very good i like it a lot", "Worst game in the universe"] Racing Live 21-01-18 ["Draw Rider 2 Plus", "Draw Rider Plus", "DMV Motorcycle Practice Test Free", "Line Rider"] 4
WAStickerApps - Love, friendship and affection Google Play Store 2020-03-19 ["Productivity"] 4.43 9 51.0 113 9 9 95 10,000+ Beautiful romantic stickers to send to the people you love 1.0 0.0 The most beautiful stickers to send to your love and friends ❤😛💋A wide variety of stickers to send to the people you like, just open the app, see the stickers you like, click add and that's it! You al... ["Lovely \u2661"] Personalization Live 08-12-20 ["Inspirational quotes, birthday cards and wishes", "love verses to fall in love love verses", "Frases e Mensagens de Amor", "Romantic phrases to fall in love"] 4
LinkedIn Organic by Demand Curve Product Hunt 2020-12-02 ["Business", "Social"] 4.18 409 21.0 5 4 1 0 How to acquire customers through organic LinkedIn content. Learn to build a steady stream of leads for your B2B startup—by posting on LinkedIn. We interviewed top LinkedIn audience builders and former LinkedIn employees to create reliable process. Hey Product Hunt Julian here. We made an interesting discovery for B2Bmarketing: Compared to other growth channels, there are outsized returns ifyou focus on growing your personal audience on LinkedIn... ["@shapiro Darn..been using trello for years. Happy ...", "Interesting. I would be curious to know, which con...", "Loving this, @shapiro - Ive followed the steps to ...", "I briefly glanced it and saved it for weekend read...", "It seems an amazing collection.. Compliments for a..."] ["Marketing", "Growth Hacking", "LinkedIn"] default 2020-12-02 ["profile-hopper", "growth-hacking-linkedin", "leadbring-2", "the-linkedin-bible-collection-by-bamf", "linkedin-commenting-tool"] 5 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["hnshah", "Julian"]
Zendesk Support Google Play Store 2010-06-08 ["Business"] 4.26 813 2609.0 6545 813 376 5356 100,000+ Provide great support - anytime, anywhere 1.0 0.0 Support for Android is built for agents, team leads, and managers on-the-move. A fast and secure productivity tool that gives you visibility of your account in real-time.Get ahead of the day and keep ... ["Missing tablet mode, if I want to use landscape mo...", "Can we have the option to remove the ticket of the...", "EDIT: after assisted auto-support App is working a...", "Not yet to the point I feel comfortable closing ti...", "This app definitely works well enough. I haven't l..."] Business Live 23-11-20 ["Zendesk Chat", "Meshtastic", "Kalido: The professional business networking app", "IRCCloud", "LoginTC"] 50 Product Hunt 2020-11-30 ["WebApp", "Gaming"] 1.46 60 5.0 5 5 0 0 Word game based on fridge magnet poetry is a word game based on fridge magnet poetry! Challenge your creativity and wordsmith your way to the top of the leaderboard. A new word bank is generated everyday with plenty of nouns, verbs,... Hi Product Hunt! I hope this post finds you in good health and in goodspirits. I was inspired to build because of a friends fridge back incollege. It wasnt the only fridge Id seen covered in l... ["The most beloved add-on to fridges since the ice m...", "10/10 would recommend", "Brilliant execution"] ["Web App", "Puzzle Games", "Free Games", "Word Games", "Games"] default 2020-11-30 ["massdrop-x-hasbro-scrabble-keyboard"] 1 [""] [""] []
XOXO (aka Cherish) Local Dating - Meet New People Google Play Store 2019-01-09 ["Social"] 4.81 182 1324.0 4151 182 28 3941 100,000+ Match, chat online, stream live, meet local singles and date people near you! 1.0 0.0 XoXo is focused on local dating and works hard to match you with single people who live & work in your area. We prioritize our members by delivering safe and a trustworthy dating app, technology drive... ["Only fake accounts, been using the app for almost ...", "To the developers and who else it may concern, I h...", "Love the app a bunch of local girls but was wounde...", "I could be mistaken about this, but: I'm thrilled ...", "Well you want to know my experience. Lol This app ..."] Dating Live 19-12-20 ["uDates local dating app: meet local singles & date", "TapToDate", "iFlirts \u2013 Flirt, Dating & Chatting for Singles", "Clover Dating App", "Zoosk - Online Dating App to Meet New People"] 50
LinearB Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Productivity"] 4.81 321 36.0 138 83 55 0 Software delivery intelligence for dev teams Get team-based engineering metrics and the most dev-first project board you've ever seen. We correlate Git logs, projects, releases and team interactions to find bottlenecks in your development proces... Hey Product Hunters, I'm the CEO of LinearB, a software delivery intelligenceplatform. We're on a mission to make software project management and metricsmore developer-friendly. Project management sho... ["As a software developer, I find this project quite...", "finally i found the ultimate product that shows me...", "That's something that might be really helpful! By ...", "Id be curious to hear some of the issues that youv...", "This looks super solid. Do you have any case studi..."] ["Productivity", "Developer Tools"] default 2020-12-16 0 ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] []
El Salvador Radios Google Play Store 2019-05-14 ["Entertainment"] 4.49 23 85.0 216 23 6 187 50,000+ All radio stations from El Salvador combined in 1 handy app! 1.0 0.0 El Salvador radios app. Use your wifi to listen to live music from the radio stations of El Salvador. The app contains FM and AM radio stations. Enjoy the music from the republic of El salvador for fr... ["The whole point of downloading the app was to list...", "Buen sonido y no tienes que tener abierto el app p...", "vivo en ny y me enkanta la emisora, algo diferente...", "Full of intrusive video ads", "Me gusta la buena variedad"] Music & Audio Live 17-08-20 ["Honduras Radios", "Radios de El Salvador", "Radio Salvador free - FM radio online", "Radios de Guatemala", "Radios de Guatemala"] 43
Grade My Email Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["Productivity", "Business", "Startup", "DeveloperTools"] 4.41 367 48.0 17 16 1 0 Helps you get out of the spam folder. GradeMyEmail is a free online tool that grades your email sending against key metrics like blocklist, content relevancy, authentication & industry best practices to help you understand potential probl... Hey Hey Hey Product Hunters! As @nikkielizdemere shared, we built GradeMyEmailfor anyone who finds themselves constantly getting pulled into email marketingand generally struggles to manage their inbo... ["Quick and easy to use, and provides actionable res...", "Awesome tool to understand potential email related...", "Within the content of the emails, do you scan the ...", "A much needed tool this days..will include this in...", "This indeed gives a 360 view for your emails! A mu..."] ["Email", "Email Marketing", "Marketing", "SaaS", "Developer Tools"] default 2020-12-15 ["email-marketing-fundamentals", "beetle-email", "gmass-3", "elevatr-email-marketing-automation", "hubspot-free-email-marketing"] 7 ["", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["NikkiElizDemere", "thevikramsahu", "geniusdibya"]
USB VEN/DEV Database Google Play Store 2011-08-29 ["Books"] 3.75 37 30.0 156 37 14 105 50,000+ Search USB Vendor/Device IDs (VEN/DEV) also known as (VID/PID) 1.0 0.0 This application is a database of USB Vendor/Device IDs (VEN/DEV), or as they are sometimes called Vendor/Product IDs (VID/PID)It can be used to find out which drivers you need to install to get a USB... ["I've Uninstalled until you remove the \"/\" (Forward...", "Very Very Useful Application I am using it from a ...", "Couldn't rate lesser, so gave the least possible. ...", "Superb are other apps from this developer", "Where is the Menu???"] Books & Reference Live 30-08-11 ["KeyEvent Display", "DD-WRT Companion", "EasyTether Full", "EasyTether Pro", "WiFox"] 12
Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional 2020 Google Play Store 2019-12-31 ["Books"] 3.89 12 42.0 54 12 5 37 5,000+ 2020 Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional January - December Volume 5 1.0 0.0 Mountain Top Life Devotional contents are refreshing, instructive, soul-lifting and life-changing. You are guaranteed a daily encounter with the God that answers by fire!An encounter with the Lord thr... ["Initially, the app had some bugs once I downloaded...", "very user infriendly. Over 3 days after download a...", "I had downloaded and paid for the 2020 mountain to...", "When I attempted to open it, it is requesting me t...", "Wonderful devotional guide and very much rich for ..."] Books & Reference Live 06-06-20 ["Open Heaven Devotional 2021", "Celebration TV", "Rhapsody Of Realities OFFLINE", "Daily Devotions - Andrew Wommack", "With His Light Daily Devotional Christian Prayer"] 33
Gumm Product Hunt 2020-11-27 ["Gaming"] 4.31 424 8.0 4 4 0 0 Play bite-sized comedy games with your friends on Discord Gumm lets you play free bite-sized comedy games with your friends. Sign in whenever, play on your phone, browser, or desktop, and dive into a game! User-generated prompts mean that no two games are al... Hi everyone, My name is Quinn and I'm the founder of Gumm. Gumm is a Discordbot that allows you to play free Jackbox style social party games with yourfriends. All the prompts are user-generated, lead... ["Looks interesting. Where are you planning on takin...", "Id love to hear some of the pain points that youve...", "Cool product! Keep innovating team! Gamers will de...", "Kudos for launching the product", "Kudos for launching the product"] ["Funny", "Free Games", "Funny Games", "Games"] default 2020-11-27 ["quizdom-for-slack", "social-games-in-slack", "trivia-for-slack", "trivia-for-microsoft-teams"] 4 [""] [""] ["quinn_vaughn"]
Soothing sounds to go to sleep. Google Play Store 2019-02-21 ["HealthnSports"] 4.51 5 41.0 84 5 6 73 10,000+ Nature sounds for sleep, deep relaxation, meditation and relax. Free download. 1.0 0.0 Whether you find it difficult to fall asleep in total silence, or just prefer to listen to nature as you relax in bed, Soothing Sleep Sounds Nature offers an easy way to play nature sounds on your pho... ["What a sweet app! I'm falling asleep just thinking...", "Wonderful variety of misic and sounds. Something d...", "No thunder and lightning or heavy winds. Too much ...", "I love it! It really helps to go to sleep.", "Helps me to sleep quickly!"] Medical Live 16-12-20 ["Relaxing bedtime sounds. Free download.", "Sleep sounds free. Relax music, white noise.", "Relaxing sounds for sleeping. Offline. Free mp3", "Sleep sounds free with timer.", "Soothing sleep sounds"] 50
Riffbase Product Hunt 2020-12-07 ["WebApp", "Entertainment"] 1.48 165 5.0 3 3 0 0 Save snippets of Spotify tracks Riffbase is a web application to save snippets of Spotify tracks. Save your favorite riffs of your favorite songs! You can search for Spotify songs directly in the app and use the neat Riffbase interf... Hello Hunters, I'm Iury, a Brazilian Frontend Engineer currently based inBerlin. I'm super excited to share the first version of the project that I'vebeen working on for the past month As a musician a... ["This is great stuff, Luri! I see you're a fan of g...", "I love this! As a musician who is also tantalized ..."] ["Web App", "Music", "Spotify"] default 2020-12-07 ["riffsy", "freesound", "rapbits-for-imessage", "riff-studio", "riffshare"] 6 [""] [""] []
Motion Pro Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["BrowserExtn", "Productivity"] 4.91 373 19.0 28 23 5 0 Digital Swiss Army Knife Created to Save Time Motion Pro is a set of tools that makes you more productive by giving superpowers to your work apps - Drive, Calendar, Chrome...etc. It’s like a digital swiss army knife created to save time. Most fun... Hey Product Hunt! Im excited to publicly release Motion Pro today, which hasbeen in private beta for many months. Motion Pro changes the way you interactwith your apps to reduce friction and speed up ... ["I've been using this for more than 1 month, but wa...", "The Motion guys are just non-stop builders. Incred...", "Love this product suite, what a great efficiency/t...", "The motion team doesnt stop! Amazing new and impro...", "Great idea, context switching is a huge problem fo..."] ["Chrome Extensions", "Productivity", "Google"] default 2020-12-16 ["cloudo-2", "google-springboard", "cerebro", "fyi", "eesel"] 6 ["", "", "", ""] [""] ["chrismessina"]
Binders | Trial extension Google Play Store 2018-07-04 ["Productivity"] 4.39 3 11.0 23 3 2 18 1,000+ 💡 7 extra trial days 0.0 0.99 General conditionsNo account, no subscription, no ads.your data privacy is respected.You can learn for free to manage your data.Then the license is required.The license is valid for lifetime and for a... ["Google Play let you test a paid app during two hou...", "The license is not free. With this app, you have m...", "Thank you for my binders!"] Productivity Live 11-11-20 ["Binders | Database", "Ninox Database", "Binders | License", "HanDBase Database Manager", "Database Designer - Full free development app"] 50
PlayTally Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["App", "Business", "Entertainment", "AInDS"] 2.06 32 1.0 1 1 0 0 Dive deep into your listening habit & see the music you love Get deeper into your listening habits with this little Apple Music statistician. PlayTally makes it easy to see your all-time stats, current faves and classic throwbacks: all in real-time. Hey hunters! Do you love Apple Music Replay, but hate waiting for the weeklyupdates? Or wish you could get deeper stats on your listening habits? My nameis Mike and I am the music collection obsessive... ["iPhone", "iPad", "Music", "Analytics", "Apple"] default 2020-12-15 ["apple-music-api", "apple-music-year-in-review", "apple-music-replay", "apple-music-analyser-2"] 4 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["adithyashreshti", "SongOwlApp"]
Platformly Product Hunt 2019-08-28 ["Business", "Startup"] 4.74 783 68.0 18 18 0 0 Marketing automation software for SaaS and Ecommerce All the tools you need for boosting the marketing performance in a single place: 📧Email Marketing ⚙️Marketing Automation 👩🏼Inbound CRM 📈Business Dashboards 📥Opt-in Forms 💻Landing Page Builder 🔗Link Tr... Greeting Hunters Did you know that the average marketer spends around 16 hoursa week on routine tasks? It's almost 50% of the workweek Just creating andsending emails takes marketers an average of 3.4... ["Platformly is a fantastic product. Automation is n...", "Big fan of Platformly. They have been consistently...", "I've used Platformly for over a year and it's such...", "This product is AMAZING. Less than a month using i...", "All-in-one marketing platform that continues to ge..."] ["Email Marketing", "Marketing", "SaaS", "Tech"] default 2019-08-28 ["marketing-automation", "mailzak", "visual-marketing-automation", "yet-another-mail-merge-yamm", "elevatr-email-marketing-automation"] 12 ["", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["irinamaltseva", "a_giche", "julienduc", "ColinKlinkert"]
Arsenal Junior Gunners Google Play Store 2016-07-20 ["HealthnSports"] 4.65 80 464.0 1183 80 20 1083 10,000+ Join us in our fun Arsenal virtual world! 1.0 0.0 The Junior Gunners app is designed exclusively for you, our young Arsenal fans who want to experience a gamified Arsenal world.Key Features• Play ‘Pocket Player’ and coach your very own digital Arsena... ["I personally am an ARSENAL fan. But this app is ou...", "Well I LOVE Arsenal FC and I love this game except...", "The entries on the whats on page always present a ...", "I love arsenal and it's great except that game loa...", "It is a very nice app with lots of sporting events..."] Sports Live 17-04-20 ["Everton", "AFC Live \u2013 Not official app for Arsenal FC fans", "Leeds United Official", "Arsenal Official App", "The Anfield Wrap"] 19
Townscaper Product Hunt 2020-12-06 ["Gaming"] 4.75 423 14.0 2 2 0 0 A fun & relaxing town-building game Build quaint island towns with curvy streets. Build small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts. Block by block. No goal. No real gameplay. Just plenty of building and p... ["This is the first time in years I'm feeling the ne...", "But can I call in a tornado to destroy everything?...", "Wow! I was waiting for it! But do you plan to deli...", "I bought it immediately. Very nice visuals and con...", "looks beautiful and great timing for xmas. fingers..."] ["Indie Games", "Games"] default 2020-12-06 ["matchy-city-free-endless-town-building-sim"] 1 [""] [] []
Nighty Night - Bedtime Story Google Play Store 2013-12-09 ["Books"] 4.42 1204 3254.0 10629 1204 398 9027 1,000,000+ Lovely bedtime story for a daily go-to-bed ritual 1.0 0.0 "Nighty Night!" is a lovely App for a daily go-to-sleep ritual with cute animals, sweet lullaby music and great narration. All around the house the lights go out, and in the barn even the animals are ... ["A gorgeous little app. Narration is wonderful, the...", "My kids (3 and 5 years old) love this app. It work...", "Before this app I never spent a penny on apps but ...", "My 2 year old was engaged. It lasts just long enou...", "Graphics, animation, little interactions with the ..."] Books & Reference Live 22-09-20 ["Nighty Night Forest", "Nighty Night Circus", "Sago Mini Forest Flyer", "Sago Mini Camping", "Sago Mini Fun Fair"] 50
Photo Measures Lite Google Play Store 2013-10-20 ["Productivity"] 2.48 1134 525.0 1896 1134 100 662 500,000+ The easiest and most efficient way to save your measures on your own photos 1.0 0.0 Photo Measures is the best and easiest way to save measures on your own photos on Android.Architectural Digest - "Very useful when shopping or meeting with contractors" - "It's perfect for you... ["1. Pay attention to users comments, before they st...", "The free content is garbage. They completely cover...", "Needs a proper trial mode that let's you at least ...", "The app is really helpful for me measuring medical...", "this app does not meaure photo's. all it does it a..."] Productivity Live 28-10-19 ["Photo Measures", "ImageMeter - photo measure", "My Measures", "Windowmaker Measure", "My Measures PRO"] 50
Jaap Sahib In Hindi Google Play Store 2019-01-27 ["Productivity"] 4.75 0 3.0 12 0 1 11 5,000+ Read & Listen Jaap Sahib In Hindi 1.0 0.0 Jaap Sahib path appears in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. Jaap Sahib composed by Tenth sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind SIngh Ji.Key Features:-Jaap Sahib in Hindi with AudioPlay Jaap Sahib Hindi Audio while readin... ["very very help fuff", "Goood"] Personalization Live 28-01-19 ["Japji", "Japji Sahib Path Audio", "Sukhmani Sahib - with Audio and Translation"] 3
Primark Town Center Google Play Store 2017-11-07 ["Business"] 2.51 43 26.0 73 43 3 27 50,000+ Primark is a company engaged in town center development for commercial leasing. 1.0 0.0 Philippine Primark Properties, Inc. (Primark) is a company engaged in town center development for commercial leasing. The Company’s name Primark is a combination of the words “Primary” and “Market” re... ["It would be better if it had locations other then ...", "This wierd app don't work need to be fixed up!!!!!...", "Want the store app to buy things", "worst app i have ever seen", "Not updated."] Business Live 07-11-17 ["New Look Fashion Online", "Missguided", "Uterq\u00fce Shop Online", "QUANTICLO", "All-in-one Shopping"] 37
AirBuddy 2 Product Hunt 2020-11-22 ["WebApp", "Entertainment"] 5.0 563 19.0 4 3 1 0 Experience AirPods on your Mac like never before With AirBuddy, you can simply open your AirPods case next to your Mac and see the current status right away, just like how it works on your iPhone or iPad. With just a click you’ll be instantly connec... Big fan of Airbuddy 2. Makes it easy to control how my AirPods Pro connect tomy Mac and my phone! ["Not impressed and bummed I just spent $10 on this....", "What does this app do extra ? May be it has Stats ...", "so i bought it. mostly to see the charge of my wat...", "It solves the issue that when you are using airpod...", "I hate the way Apple doing with Bluetooth on MacOS..."] ["Mac", "Music", "Wearables", "Mac Menu Bar Apps"] default 2020-11-22 ["finder-for-airpods", "blackpods", "airfly", "airbar-2", "airctrl"] 5 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["chrismessina", "_inside"]
CrowdParty Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Productivity", "Gaming"] 2.67 53 9.0 8 8 0 0 Fun and easy Zoom games for those WFHing Bring back the fun to WFH! CrowdParty offers fun and easy games to play over Zoom or other videoconferencing apps! Play games like Trivia, With-Draw, Friendly Fire, Charades, Would You Rather, and mor... Hi Product Hunt! Justin here, creator of CrowdParty! Whyd I build CrowdParty?It started off as a personal need, really. Previously, as a Team Lead at a HRsoftware company, I had to organize a platform... ["Team meetings have never been better and more fun ...", "Congrats on the launch. Beautiful landing page btw...", "Laughter. Playing CrowdParty at the end of a call ...", "Running a remote team requires the use of simple, ...", "Cool! Was just thinking about finding something to..."] ["Meetings", "Games", "Remote Work Tools"] default 2020-12-16 ["joyride", "escape-the-room-ar", "crowd-quiz", "tambola-2-0", "rona-games"] 7 [""] [""] ["iAmSpiderMayne"]
ibble Product Hunt 2020-12-09 ["App", "Social", "News"] 1.31 123 13.0 6 6 0 0 Short-form video convos sparked by trends, events, or news. It’s time to reinvent social media. Listen or participate in public or private conversations based on the latest trends, events, and news. Find inspiration and share your perspective by “Sparking” a n... Howdy, Product Hunt! Today, we are excited to give you first-look access toibble. Throughout the last year, we have been building and testing ways toevolve short-form video into something more meaning... ["While the idea is interesting, a main problem with...", "Reduce your time online while increase engagement ...", "Would love to sign up for beta, but the URL wont t...", "Its on the test flight! It should be on upcoming p...", "Sparks"] ["iPhone", "News", "Social Media Tools", "Tech", "Apple"] default 2020-12-09 ["honey-865", "whisper-4-0-for-ios", "sublevel", "minds", "crumbler"] 9 ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", ""] ["ealbmin"]
OnlyFams Product Hunt 2020-12-07 ["WebApp", "Social", "DeveloperTools"] 5.0 1631 119.0 18 16 2 0 Create private communities for your fams OnlyFams turns your fans into fam. Set up a private community for any use case, 100% white-labeled with your logo and brand. ⠀ We provide a plethora of settings and pre-installed extensions. Or create... Legos for building your own online community... 100% wholesome! We wanted tobuild a platform to empower community leaders to cultivate and connect withtheir extended communities. When you create an On... ["I think people missed the ;) at the end of @jessic...", "@jessica_ma nice product! Obviously the play on On...", "Great idea, but porn is the last thing I want to b...", "Branding could use some work. Sounds like OnlyFans...", "This is cool. So I can just create a new closed cu..."] ["Web App", "APIs", "Social Media Tools", "Software Engineering"] default 2020-12-07 ["crew-2", "slack-chats", "twitter-group-dms-video", "joyment", "telegram-3-0"] 12 ["", "", ""] [""] ["chrismessina", "thejessma", "lucy_guo"]
r-evolution app Google Play Store 2014-05-31 ["Business"] 5.0 0 5.0 17 0 0 17 500+ Access all your important work data in one app and work at the speed of thought. 1.0 0.0 IMPORTANT NOTE: The r-evolution app is targeted to enterprise and will not run without the necessary back end software installed either on-premise or in the cloud. Information on how to get a trial ac... ["When linkedin gets married to gmail that has outlo...", "Most sophisticated app I have tried, complicated a...", "Huge productivity booster!", "Excelent!"] Business Live 13-06-18 ["TheFutbolApp - TFA by pandaHAUS", "Sports Picks Ninja", "Soccerstand", "FanQuest: Sports Predictions", "Swipe : Free-to-play Sports Predictor Game"] 13
Logmedo Database and Form Builder Google Play Store 2015-01-01 ["Productivity"] 4.06 12 47.0 82 12 10 60 10,000+ A customizable database app and online form builder 1.0 0.0 Logmedo is an easy to use and highly customizable database and form builder with the simplicity of a spreadsheet. Create personal and business database/spreadsheet apps. Build custom online forms that... ["Great app for data obsessed people like me! Better...", "A very user friendly database for general usage. A...", "Great database management app. Very user-friendly ...", "Very nice database app. You can access the databas...", "is very good app, but i found many bug, like can't..."] Productivity Live 21-12-20 ["Ninox Database", "Binders | Database", "SailformsPlus Forms Database", "Easy Database", "Database Designer - Full free development app"] 50
The Ocean Cleanup plastic survey Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Productivity"] 3.05 75 5.0 3 3 0 0 Generate river and ocean plastic data for cleaner oceans Tons of plastic waste enter our oceans yearly. Identifying pollution hotspots is crucial for an efficient cleanup strategy. With our plastic survey apps, you can join our mission to rid the world’s oc... Hi all, My name is Boyan Slat, and I am the Founder and CEO of The OceanCleanup. The Ocean Cleanups mission is to develop advanced technologies to ridthe oceans of plastic. To do this, we rely on rese... ["Love something like this! I participated in an SF ...", "This is amazing! My brain is buzzing at the though...", "Very good! I'm very sensitiv about environmentals ...", "Very impressed :-)"] ["Productivity", "Charity and Giving", "Tech"] default 2020-12-16 ["ocean-cleanup", "the-ocean-cleanup-sunglasses"] 2 ["", "", "", ""] ["", "", ""] []
Word Counter Notes (Text Editor) :CountablePad Google Play Store 2020-03-20 ["Productivity"] 4.14 58 180.0 326 58 13 255 10,000+ Free Notepad (Notes) to count words, characters, and bytes as soon as you write! 1.0 0.0 It’s a free Notepad (Notes) app to count words which enumerates as soon as you write.In addition to "word count", "character count", "sentence count", "paragraph count" and "byte count" are also avail... ["Did what I expected with a good job done. Made a t...", "I loved this app. Design is also cool. But I have ...", "doing good at counting the words. but what is wors...", "The best thing in this app is that you can change ...", "Very nice app for writing and storing notes. Inter..."] Productivity Live 10-12-20 ["Word Count Notes", "Word Counter - Count Words, Sentences & Paragraphs", "Markor: Markdown Editor - todo.txt - Notes Offline", "Notepad", "Notepad Pro"] 41
Preschool learning games for kids: shapes & colors Google Play Store 2015-11-26 ["Education"] 4.32 2076 9679.0 21644 2076 1577 17991 1,000,000+ Basic skills & counting games for preschoolers and basic math for 1st 2nd grades 1.0 0.0 Enjoy and learn the shapes, colors, counting games, and basic skills. With “Dino Tim” kids in preschool age (3, 4, 5 and 6 years old), primary school and kindergarten will learn with no effort while h... ["games ok but not happy about it trying to con chil...", "I tested the game for my grandson and I think it m...", "It's good for little ones that have been started o...", "Seems like an ok game so far. My son seems to be i...", "I think that this game is perfect for kids that ar..."] Educational Live 13-07-20 ["Learning Numbers For Kids", "123 Dots: Learn to count for kids", "ABC Dinos: Learn to read for preschool", "Aprender las vocales para ni\u00f1os de 3 a 5 a\u00f1os", "Educational Games for Kids - Colors Numbers Shapes"] 50
Raiding Area51 Product Hunt 2019-07-19 ["Gaming"] 3.44 165 8.0 3 2 1 0 Keanu Reeves & his dog are raiding Area51 Keanu Reeves and his dog are joining the Area51 raid. What more needs to be said. Enjoy. The game no one asked for but the world definitely needs. I hacked this together today. It's based on Google Ch... The most important thing you'll discover all week. Enjoy. ["Open console and paste Runner.instance_.gameOver =...", "Wow! If I were Google, I would definitely acquire ...", "you should add a 200x like they have on chrome://d...", "the new classic...", "Got 2348 points!"] ["Indie Games", "Free Games", "Games"] default 2019-07-19 ["leo-s-red-carpet-rampage"] 1 [""] [] ["ConorCastle"]
The Lorax - Dr. Seuss Google Play Store 2011-01-21 ["Books"] 4.44 31 210.0 634 31 75 528 10,000+ “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.” 0.0 5.99 Jump inside this cautionary tale of greed and destruction as the Lorax tries to save the Truffula Forest and its inhabitants from disaster at the hands of an insatiable factory owner. Explore pictures... ["Black bars at the top and bottom of the screen on ...", "Very annoying to generate adverts after paying", "My 4 year old and I loved this app!", "This is one of my favorite books", "We read it almost every night."] Books & Reference Live 12-07-19 ["Horton Hears a Who!", "I Can Read with my Eyes Shut", "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back", "Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book", "Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss"] 50
Reading Stats For Nerds Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["Productivity", "Business", "AInDS"] 3.71 319 41.0 20 17 3 0 Stats, analytics & tips to get better at reading Pocket doesn't really nudge us to read better OR to read more. We're attempting to build a layer on top of Pocket to solve that. Stats, tips & everything else you need to get better at reading directl... Hello I'm extremely happy to share with you a tool that I've been working onfor over a year. I think reading is one of those keystone habits which cantruly change someone's life in all dimensions. Yet... ["Haven't tried out this product, but it looks quite...", "I have been using this for the last few weeks. Rea...", "Love using RS4N. Thanks for building this @behereb...", "Wow, love this. I am going to route all my article...", "Congrats Aditya! This looks very interesting. Now ..."] ["Productivity", "Analytics"] default 2020-12-15 ["bookling"] 1 ["", ""] [] ["BehereBaba", "jatinparab98"]
Smart Dots & Boxes Multiplayer Google Play Store 2013-04-09 ["Gaming"] 3.13 1902 592.0 4694 1902 470 2322 100,000+ Smart Dots 2 Multiplayer is a classic pen and paper game now on your phone! 1.0 0.0 Smart Dots 2 Multiplayer is a classic pen and paper game also called Dots & Boxes now on your phone!Play against Android, your friend or compete with players from all over the world and become a Maste... ["Lucky to get one star since I can't get any stars!...", "It does not login for online playing. Shows error ...", "Cant connect with Facebook, says app is still in d...", "I would have given a five star rating if it would ...", "Extreme pathetic app.please do not download this. ..."] Puzzle Live 12-06-15 ["Dots and Boxes (No ads)", "Logic Dots", "Tic Tac Toe Logic", "Rummikub Score Timer", "Splashy Dots"] 14
VGFIT Google Play Store 2017-09-23 ["HealthnSports"] 3.85 182 293.0 702 182 14 506 100,000+ VGFIT is your best workout partner anytime & anywhere. 1.0 0.0 Guidance through every exercise that will help to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals. It's equally effective at home or at the gym. You will find daily workout recommendations, easy to foll... ["Well it got new things than any other app. Food pl...", "Giving it one star because they dupe you into inst...", "Just downloaded the app I'm impressed by the simpl...", "Why would the app be free to download but then you...", "Custom workout never change the video. Ir stay alw..."] Health & Fitness Live 30-10-20 ["ProFit: Gym & Home Workout", "Gym Gym Workout, Personal Trainer Bodybuilding", "Sworkit Fitness \u2013 Workouts & Exercise Plans App", "MuscleWiki Fitness", "Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans"] 50
Arabic Hausa dictionary Google Play Store 2015-11-17 ["Books"] 4.21 22 74.0 174 22 21 131 50,000+ Arabic - Hausa dictionary 1.0 0.0 This is Arabic - Hausa dictionary (Ƙamus na Larabci - Hausa). The dictionary works offline, search is very fast, and the application has online social features. Dictionary database will be downloaded ... ["Its useless because most of the translations are n...", "This app help those who can't speak Arabic languag...", "What happened to me if try to use it refuse", "Very bad because , ba wasali", "Helpful and meaningfull"] Books & Reference Live 03-08-19 ["Hausa Arabic Translator", "Fassarar Littafin Ahdhari", "SALLAH", "Arabic-English Dictionary", "Arabic dict - \u0623\u0641\u0636\u0644 \u0627\u0644\u0642\u0627\u0645\u0648\u0633"] 35
Wlnupdates Google Play Store 2020-09-06 ["Books"] 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 10+ Web and Light Novel Updates! 1.0 0.0 Wlnupdates is for users who enjoy reading web novels. You can find every webnovel and original work from the internet in one place.Browse through the most comprehensive collection of Asian web novels ... ["Great app but there are some bugs like it isn't sh..."] Books & Reference Live 01-12-20 ["Flying Lines- Your Pocket Webnovel & Fiction World", "Wuxiaworld", "Web Novel Reader", "M-Reader\u2014\u2014Countless web novels for you", "ReadMe - Novels & Stories"] 45
Zootopia Amino Google Play Store 2017-05-16 ["Social"] 4.67 15 188.0 313 15 6 292 10,000+ Zootopia fans unite! Join the fastest growing community for all things Zootopia! 1.0 0.0 Zootopia fans unite! Join the fastest growing community for all things Zootopia! Meet other super fans, discuss theories, plotlines, and your favorite characters in a dedicated community. Share and di... ["I heard about this app from my friend and I am a z...", "If you like art and you like zootopia and zootopia...", "i love it its made for zootopia fans and this is m...", "Its Really Nice Sharing Your Creativity Or Photos ...", "It's amazing I love it I can chat with people acro..."] Social Live 15-12-20 ["Enchantment Amino for Disney", "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil", "Unofficial Fan App for Littlest Pet Shop Fans", "Steven Universe Amino", "Hamilton Amino"] 43
Cognixion ONE Product Hunt 2020-12-01 ["Education", "AInDS"] 1.82 48 4.0 1 1 0 0 The world's first wearable brain computer Interface with AR Cognixion ONE is a wearable window to the world, offering both speech and an integrated AI assistant for home automation control and other enrichment for individuals with complex disabilities. Develop... Very excited for this reveal today, as we've been quietly in development for along time and it's a substantial leap forward for assistive technology. Eagerto hear questions and feedback! ["Congrats on the launch guys! It's always awesome t..."] ["Education", "Artificial Intelligence", "Tech", "Medtech"] default 2020-12-01 ["the-brain", "brain-simulator", "platowork-brain-stimulator"] 3 ["", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", "", ""] ["lukeslp"]
Growth Marketing Checklists Product Hunt 2020-12-14 ["Business"] 4.73 697 118.0 18 14 4 0 Checklists to help optimise your marketing efforts Growth Marketing checklists to help founders, marketers & indie hackers with their marketing efforts. Hey Product Hunt Community Ive spent hours and hours creating this GrowthMarketing Checklists resource to help startup founders, indie makers andmarketers. The purpose of this project is to provide ti... ["Wow mate, this looks incredible! You've literally ...", "My all votes to this website. For me its is not ju...", "I love the thought and time put into this. It read...", "This is really great, but having difficulties read...", "Can I make 2 and more upvotes? :) - as a marketer ..."] ["Marketing", "Growth Hacking"] default 2020-12-14 ["growth-marketing-today", "erxes", "the-state-of-growth-marketing", "advanced-growth-marketing-insights", "indie-letters"] 5 [""] [""] ["DanSiepen"]
Unit Price Calculator Google Play Store 2013-09-22 ["Productivity"] 4.61 2 22.0 31 2 1 28 10,000+ Quick Comparisons in a friendly UI 1.0 0.0 At the grocery store? Need to comparison shop between different sized packages? This app will do the math for you to figure out which is the best deal! ["Super helpful app for comparing prices. I use this...", "Love this app! You can quickly make price comparis...", "I had a good app on my old Blackberry called Beer ...", "Great app! Saves me the trouble of doing the math....", "it would be better if you could compare more than ..."] Productivity Live 10-05-20 ["CalcList - Calculate Your List", "Margin Markup Calculator", "Discount Calculator", "Microproduction", "Office Calculator Free"] 29
Basketball Stars Google Play Store 2016-03-16 ["HealthnSports"] 4.28 142275 448871.0 1160058 142275 65890 951893 50,000,000+ Grab the ball and take on the world with BASKETBALL STARS. 1.0 0.0 From the creators of multiple smash-hit online sports games!Dribble, shoot, score, WIN in this competitive multiplayer Basketball game on mobile! Grab the ball and take on the world with BASKETBALL ST... ["Do not load this game. This game is terribly engin...", "Such a good game it's fun to play we can customise...", "On multiple occasions I've come across people who ...", "Just doing my second review here and I give it 5 s...", "I liked playing this game but it was freezing up a..."] Sports Live 14-12-20 ["Basketball Battle", "Head Ball 2", "Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer", "Tennis Clash: 1v1 Free Online Sports Game", "Golf Battle"] 50
Alfred 4.3 Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["WebApp", "Productivity"] 4.16 155 3.0 0 0 0 0 Alfred is now Universal and adds gorgeous Big Sur theming Alfred is an award-winning app for macOS which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more. Search your Mac and the web, and be more productive with custom actions to contro... I've really dug into Alfred during 2020 building workflow toolkits, publishinga huge list of Custom Web Searches, and developing a bunch of new themes! Ilove the updates for Big Sur and have already p... ["I've been a massive fan from the beginning, first ..."] ["Mac", "Productivity", "Developer Tools", "Mac Menu Bar Apps"] default 2020-12-16 ["workflow-2", "lanes", "process-street-2-0", "infinity-5"] 4 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["chrismessina", "vero"]
Sapien Product Hunt 2020-12-10 ["HealthnSports"] 1.97 57 5.0 5 5 0 0 At-home prediabetes testing and management Sapien provides an at-home blood test for the 88M American adults who are prediabetic. 84% of prediabetics are unaware of their condition, and without treatment, 70% will develop type 2 diabetes. Join... Hi PH! 1 in 3 American adults are prediabetic, but 84% of them don't know it.This is a serious problem because without treatment, 70% of prediabeticsdevelop type 2 diabetes. Prediabetics are also at a... ["Congrats on the launch @aidandewar . Curious what ...", "This is amazing. Have you all considered working w..."] ["Health and Fitness"] default 2020-12-10 ["scanaflo", "genome-buddy", "vivoo"] 3 [""] [""] []
Dr. Seuss Book Collection #1 Google Play Store 2016-01-12 ["Books"] 4.14 1 3.0 7 1 1 5 500+ "Five Dr. Seuss titles in one omBook!" 0.0 14.99 Dive into 5 exciting Dr. Seuss interactive book apps for young readers! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and follow along with three fun ways to read! Enjoy The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fis... ["I love these stories that are so easy and accesibl...", "This app has five Doctor Seuss stories in it, and ...", "Waste of money sorry but my kid got bored too fast..."] Books & Reference Live 12-07-19 ["Dr. Seuss Book Collection #2", "I Can Read with my Eyes Shut", "Horton Hears a Who!", "Dr. Seuss\u2019s Story Collection", "I Just Forgot - Little Critter"] 50
PAGO - Among Us Room,Find Friends for Among Us Google Play Store 2018-04-27 ["Social"] 4.08 3344 7835.0 16935 3344 581 13010 1,000,000+ Among Us Room,Find Friends for Among Us,Chat The Among Us Players With Friends 1.0 0.0 Among UsPAGO- Among Us is a app where you can find friends from Among Us. Here you can send your private room enter code to play Among Us with your friends together.Our features about Among Us:Search ... ["Hello, I just installed this app and I have before...", "Ive been playing for nearly a year and its one of ...", "The top critical review by Fearful is spot on for ...", "Hey the app is great, like great but can you make ...", "This really fun but the reason I give 4 star is be..."] Social Live 17-12-20 ["AmongChat - Voice Chat for Among Us Friends", "Tiya - Find a friend Roblox&Among Us", "LGBT+ Amino Community and Chat"] 3
Musicspace 2.0 Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["Productivity", "Entertainment"] 2.76 240 15.0 5 5 0 0 Music catalog management & protection for musicians. Musicspace is the easy way for musicians to organize and protect their entire music catalog in one beautiful dashboard. Hi ProductHunt family (ProductHunt Discount below) Today I'm excited toannounce the launch of Musicspace 2.0! We stripped every button, design, andfunction and re-did everything from the ground up. No... ["This looks good. Is there a way to manage content ...", "That's cool! I'll feature it on Music Marketing St...", "This is a great idea!", "Super interesting", "Very useful"] ["Productivity", "Task Management", "Music"] default 2020-12-15 ["jammcard", "hendrix", "musicraiser-accelerator", "adagio"] 4 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["KaranRBeghi", "ajitzero"]
Emotion Analytics for Video Calls Product Hunt 2020-12-04 ["App", "Productivity", "Entertainment", "AInDS"] 1.44 27 3.0 0 0 0 0 eQ for happier & more productive video meetings MoodMe helps people run happier & more productive meetings: Video with eQ. MoodMe provides actionable Engagement Insights in video collaboration by analyzing participants’ emotions, attention & demogr... We created this product to help people live through the video calls of the"new normal" of confinement forced upon them by Covid pandemia. ["Android", "iPhone", "Productivity", "Video Streaming", "User Experience", "Internet of Things", "Artificial Intelligence"] default 2020-12-04 0 [""] [""] ["chandradekrio"]
Typefully Product Hunt 2020-12-09 ["Productivity", "Social"] 4.79 1032 76.0 30 30 0 0 Write & publish great tweets, without distractions Typefully is a distraction-free editor to write and publish condensed ideas. See a live-preview of your thread while you write it, save multiple drafts, schedule, and publish in a focused environment.... Hey folks, I almost can't believe we're launching something new. Thanks somuch @chrismessina for hunting us, exactly 5 years after hunting our veryfirst product Boxy! We've been working heads down on ... ["Absolutely love the idea. Last time I was writing ...", "The idea is great, but the permissions are very ag...", "Tried it. Loved it. Became a proud patron. Couple ...", "Congratulations on this phenomenal launch @linuz90...", "Wonderful! Just what I need to write tweet threads..."] ["Productivity", "Writing Tools", "Twitter", "Social Media Tools"] default 2020-12-09 ["refined-twitter", "tweet-tray", "readme-for-ios", "productive-twitter", "minimal-twitter"] 6 ["", "", "", ""] ["", "", "", ""] ["chrismessina", "meseali", "frankdilo", "linuz90"]
#TrelloAnnualReport Product Hunt 2020-12-10 ["Productivity", "Business", "AInDS"] 1.73 42 4.0 0 0 0 0 Your team's year on Trello - visualized! Get some fun free stats for your team's year on Trello! - How many cards did you complete? - Who completed the most cards? - Who completed a card the fastest? - Who got 2nd and 3rd place? Hey folks! this is something we've wanted to build for years, and finally(somehow in 2020!) we found the time Add this Power-Up to your team's Trelloboard. Follow the simple set up (we need to know yo... ["Congratulations to everyone involved in this repor...", "@robinwarren Great timing, and congrats on the lau..."] ["Productivity", "Analytics"] default 2020-12-10 ["viz", "plot-ly", "information-is-beautiful", "snappa-2", "preview"] 9 [""] [""] ["robinwarren"]
pe•ple Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["Productivity"] 4.53 436 68.0 22 21 1 0 Community plugin built to grow your website Use pe•ple to add a customizable community to any website, so you can harness the power of your fanbase to supercharge your SEO 🔌 Hello fellow hunters of product! When @aiden_kim and I interned at Facebooklast summer, we saw the importance of a strong community to huge brands andstartups alike. However, we believe that a communi... ["Neat implementation. The onboarding is smooth. And...", "I just wanted to chime in because we integrated Pe...", "This is great. For the UI of the community, does i...", "If the free version can customize the domain name ...", "I really love this, community building is so impor..."] ["User Experience", "Developer Tools"] default 2020-12-15 ["circle-12", "crowdstack-community", "onlyfams"] 3 ["", "", "", ""] ["", "", ""] ["benln"]
VoipBlast save money Google Play Store 2011-11-29 ["Social"] 4.15 28 40.0 192 28 5 159 10,000+ Do you want to save money on your mobile phone bill? 1.0 0.0 Do you want to save money on your mobile phone bill? Then install VoipBlast on your mobile phone now. VoipBlast uses the latest VOIP technology to connect your friends, business contacts and family al... ["I recharged with 10 dollar to call india but it fa...", "Such a waste of money it auto disconnects offen sa...", "Have been using this app for 3-4 years. The call q...", "I am using this app since 2013 and full satisfied ...", "Good, caller ID mostly never seen"] Social Live 28-10-20 ["PhoneClub \u2013 International Calling", "12Voip save money on phones", "ActionVoip | Cheap calls to India", "Telbo cheap calls to Nigeria", "AfriCallShop - International Calls"] 43
BuyGro - B2B Buyers Google Play Store ["Business"] 5.0 0 2.0 12 0 0 12 1,000+ Easy Buying. Your B2B Maketplace in GCC 1.0 0.0 Discover wide range of productsOrder from multiple brands at onceTransparent pricing, deals & schemes ["I was wating for to get app like this one", "Good application and good price"] Business Live 21-10-20 ["Compare Prices On Amazon & eBay - Barcode Scanner", "desertcart"] 2
Nuvoe Pod & Bottle Product Hunt 2020-12-13 ["HealthnSports"] 2.9 66 3.0 0 0 0 0 A bottle and pod to purify your water with UV-C Nuvoe uses UV-C to purify your water and clean your water bottle by eliminating any bacteria & germs. Drink the freshest water from the cleanest bottle possible every minute of every day. Upgrade your... Hey friends, I'm excited to share Nuvoe with you! I've been a longtime lurkeron PH and never thought I'd share my own project on here. My co-founder and Iloved our reusable water bottles. They're a gr... ["Really looking forward to this. My biggest problem..."] ["Health and Fitness", "Sports", "Drinking", "Tech"] pre_launch 2020-12-13 ["leaf-mask", "uvmask"] 2 [""] [""] []
bicoco Product Hunt 2020-12-01 ["App", "Social"] 1.35 20 1.0 0 0 0 0 Celebrate friends' birthdays using augmented reality Bicoco is an iOS app to send and receive augmented reality surprises and e-cards to celebrate birthdays and special days with friends. During the quarantine, I couldn't celebrate my co-workers or other friendsbirthday, so bicoco allows me to send them via the bicoco app: balloons,birthday props, anniversary greetings, halloween and t... ["iPhone", "User Experience", "Social Media Tools", "Augmented Reality", "ARKit"] default 2020-12-01 ["ar-social", "vrchat", "graffity", "vtime-xr", "society-2"] 6 [""] [""] []
Shapr – Meaningful Networking Google Play Store 2014-09-09 ["Business"] 3.9 1800 3925.0 9198 1800 745 6653 1,000,000+ Your daily dose of inspiring people to meet. 1.0 0.0 Shapr is a personalized, mindful way of networking. Based on your interests and experience, we provide a daily dose of inspiring, like-minded people to meet nearby in your area. Whether you’re seeking... ["Sadly this app attracts a vast variety of unprofes...", "Profiles shown in Discover do not match my current...", "Great app. Easy to use and understand. Not sure if...", "My experience here has been pretty good. the upsid...", "This app is a failure. Lots of inappropriate profi..."] Business Live 26-05-20 ["Zendesk Support", "Kalido: The professional business networking app", "Zendesk Chat", "LinkedIn Sales Navigator", "LinkedIn Elevate"] 50
Studying Amino Google Play Store 2017-02-01 ["Social"] 4.38 220 648.0 1863 220 80 1563 50,000+ The fastest growing community and chat platform for hard working students! 1.0 0.0 Studying Amino is the fastest growing community and chat platform for hard working students. Meet new friends, express yourself, and share your personal studying/journaling/organization set ups in a s... ["This app is perfect for any student!! It gives you...", "I really like the app a lot. It enhances my studyi...", "I really love this app! Totally recommended if you...", "The app is really good and I love the idea behind ...", "Having a designated app solely for the purpose of ..."] Social Live 15-12-20 ["K-Culture Amino", "Young Authors Amino", "BookSloth", "Bookly - Read More Books", "Bookclubz: Book Club Organizer"] 50
ATJOIN - Digital Business Card Google Play Store 2020-12-07 ["Productivity"] 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 10+ Create a business profile in one minute 1.0 0.0 Benefits:🟠 Create a business profile in one minute🟠 Get verified yourself and be available online 24x7🟠 Reach to number of people by one click🟠 Share on any social media at any time🟠 Location wise tar... ["Nice app for Expand your business digitally"] Productivity Live 21-12-20 ["Switchit Digital Business Cards", "Salesmate - Sales CRM", "Zoho Invoice - Online Invoicing & Billing Software", "Zoho One - The Business Suite", "Privyr"] 50
Saraswathi Paper Store Google Play Store 2019-06-06 ["Productivity"] 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 50+ SPSTVL Paper Products, Stationery, Wedding Cards and Gift Bags. 1.0 0.0 The story of serving customers by providing them with what they want related to printing papers and boards at an affordable price started several years ago, now it is a store par excellence that the w... ["Good start"] Productivity Live 23-11-20 ["Lely T4C InHerd - System", "Highspot", "Easy Offset"] 3
StoryToys Haunted House Google Play Store 2013-10-14 ["Entertainment"] 3.59 48 82.0 178 48 21 109 100,000+ Packed full of ghoulish games and things that go bump in the night. 1.0 0.0 Check out the latest from StoryToys, Disney Coloring World. It's packed with all your favorite Disney characters to create color and play with. 🎨 ✨ Download it free at ["Pumpkin search puzzle broken, decoration puzzle to...", "Renewal of the hehe Nehej I've never been the", "Sannual am am am all is Quakerism.", "this game is at hotel Transylvania", "i love it the haunted house"] Entertainment Live 24-01-19 ["StoryToys Little Mermaid", "Miffy's World \u2013 Bunny Adventures", "Gabbys Dollhouse", "Sago Mini Town", "TO-FU OH!Fire"] 50
The Big Book of Churn Product Hunt 2020-11-30 ["Business", "Books", "Startup"] 3.15 154 10.0 10 10 0 0 The definitive guide to customer churn reduction The Big Book of Churn is an all-encompassing almost-encyclopedia dedicated to any business, especially B2B SaaS. It will revolutionize your understanding of churn, how to analyze it, and how to effici... ["Warning: this book is great, but you'll have to ta...", "Awesome guide! The Big Book of Churn is not just g...", "This is a glorious resource and I know that @phili...", "What an amazing resource!! If you're ready to reva...", "Nice work @philipp_wolf2 Churn is a huge problem f..."] ["Customer communication", "SaaS", "Books"] default 2020-11-30 ["from-churn-to-earn", "burnchurn"] 2 ["", ""] [""] ["NikkiElizDemere"]
RoboCash Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["Productivity", "Crypto"] 1.94 35 5.0 2 2 0 0 Get paid to block spam calls Give us your phone number and we give you a refundable paywall to punish spam calls and let good calls through. Get paid INSTANTLY and choose which calls to financially punish, by simply hanging up be... Shoutout to Miriam for hunting us and guiding us through the PH process! Hiall! Our mission is to solve the spam problem & create environments whereeveryday folks are paid for their data in real-time.... ["A smart product built on cutting edge technology! ..."] ["Productivity", "Crypto", "Tech"] default 2020-12-15 ["stonewall-call-blocker", "robostopper"] 2 ["", ""] ["", ""] ["eduovrignorance", "adrianegraphene"]
Edu-pal Product Hunt 2020-12-10 ["WebApp", "BrowserExtn", "Productivity", "Gaming", "Education", "DeveloperTools"] 2.45 163 43.0 20 20 0 0 Quick, effortless feedback for Google Meet lessons Edu-pal lets teachers send questions effortlessly and get real-time answers from their students, to gain better picture of what their students know. Dear ProductHunt, We (@markus_zhang, @gilbert_foo, @j1_g8, @nat_goh) are Edu-pal, four sixteen-year-olds launching our very first app. During the COVID-19lockdown, my classmates and I found our teache... ["@markus_zhang @gilbert_foo @j1_g8 @nat_goh Congrat...", "Its always awesome to see young adults creating pr...", "Nice job @markus_zhang @gilbert_foo @j1_g8 @nat_go...", "As we pick up learning via online from 2020 onward...", "This is exactly what was missing in Google Meet (&..."] ["Web App", "Chrome Extensions", "Productivity", "User Experience", "Education", "Software Engineering", "Games"] default 2020-12-10 ["teaching-app-development-with-swift-2", "teachery", "teachable", "discover-by-teachable", "classroom-quizzes"] 5 ["", "", "", ""] ["", ""] ["photon_mz", "natalieee_goh", "J1___G8", "FooGilbert"]
Analytics by Upflow Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Business", "Startup", "AInDS", "Fintech"] 4.53 218 27.0 11 10 1 0 Understand your accounts receivable like never before How long does it take you to get paid? How much goes uncollected each month? - - Explore your financial KPIs in 2 clicks! 💸 Free, Forever 📊 Metrics: DSO, Billing Cohorts, Aging Balance... ⚙️ Integrati... Hey Product Hunt! I'm Alex, one of the founders of Upflow. Thanks, @tiboel forhunting us Today, we're releasing a new analytics product. Free. Forever. Toomany executives and finance leaders don't kno... ["I plugged it with our Stripe last week and result ...", "I used Upflow few months ago in my previous compan...", "This product looks really good and very very usefu...", "Awesome! Love the slick website. And love the idea...", "I love how focused and specific this product is to..."] ["Fintech", "Analytics", "SaaS"] default 2020-12-16 ["bluevine", "invoice2go", "invoicedaddy", "twocards", "recurring-payments"] 6 ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""] ["", "", ""] ["tiboel", "danoliiife", "AleksFaure", "barnabymalet", "jeanmalold", "AlexLouisy"]
Combined Minds Google Play Store 2019-12-09 ["HealthnSports"] 3.79 4 6.0 14 4 0 10 5,000+ App that provides practical strategies for supporting teenage mental health. 1.0 0.0 Combined Minds helps families and friends support young people with their mental health. When a child or young person has a diagnosed mental health condition, families and friends want to support them... ["Good information about mental health topics and ad...", "Amazing app. Super well made and easy to use. The ...", "I love this app and the others that go with it. I'...", "As a youth therapist, this willbe great to use and...", "Keeps crashing after installment. I hope this coul..."] Health & Fitness Live 03-01-20 ["MoodTools - Depression Aid", "TOBEE mindfulness coach", "Calm Harm - manages self harm", "SilverCloud", "Moodfit - Fitness for Your Mental Health"] 50
Pitch Deck Template for 2021 Product Hunt 2020-12-15 ["Business", "Startup", "DeveloperTools"] 4.88 707 76.0 33 21 12 0 100+ investor approved slides for your pitch deck Building a compelling pitch deck is hard. We decided to change that! Our template features 100+ easy to edit slides, tons of predesigned elements content proposals, and a step by step guide for every ... Hey lovely people of Product Hunt , It is my pleasure to present to you mylast launch of the year. Also, it is a special one for me. I have helped manyfounders in the last years to build a pitch deck ... ["Super great template! Thank you. And what about a ...", "Hey @maximilian_fleitmann ! Since I started using ...", "@maximilian_fleitmann The pitchdeck template is pr...", "Phenomenal pitch deck with an excellent design. Yo...", "Awesome work, @maximilian_fleitmann. I use your co..."] ["Design Tools", "Branding", "Marketing", "Investing", "Venture Capital", "Tech", "Startup Lessons "] default 2020-12-15 ["pitch-deck-template", "startup-pitch-decks", "pitch-deck-hunt", "comprehensive-startup-pitch-deck-guide"] 4 ["", "", ""] ["", ""] ["StephNass", "MaxFleit"]
Dark Figma Product Hunt 2020-12-16 ["Productivity", "DeveloperTools"] 3.6 75 9.0 1 1 0 0 Finally, a gorgeous, dark mode for your Figma Beta app. Recently I took some time to create dark mode for the Figma Beta App. Though this won’t work in Figma’s stable release, the Figma Beta desktop app supports a way to inject CSS and lets you use Dark Fi... ["Hey @gielcobben Thanks for this great add on! Just...", "Instant purchase. It really makes Figma more pleas...", "Woooooooo this is so great!"] ["Design Tools", "Productivity"] default 2020-12-16 ["figgy"] 1 [""] [""] ["gielcobben"]



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